Naki Pokemon Go na rin

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., Raredog Pr... | 08.16.2016 - 3:02 pm

I’m really not into games ever since. Though I have played a few in the past like Counterstrike and Starcraft but that was long ago, and it was on PC. On mobile phone naman I can’t recall installing or playing any games on it, until last week, when I just found myself installing Pokemon Go like everyone else I know haha!

I dunno what convinced me but I think its worth it because It was challenging finding those pocket monsters, and somehow make me do some walking activity as an exercise. As of now after a week playing it, I’m on level 7 na at madami na din akong nahuling rare monsters like Rhyhorn, Pinsir, Eevee, Yamaha-YPG-535-88, Scyther, Pidgeotto and many others… Oopss the Yamaha wasn’t included haha!

The triangle I was standing on the map was my crib location.


And to top it all, at my crib, I got two nearby Pokestops that I can always rely on whenever I need pokeballs and other stuff. Minsan nga kahit nasa bed ako naaabot ko yung pokestops eh, I wonder why haha! Tapos just across the street naman is a Poke Gym. What a nice place to live di ba anlapit lahat hehe.

Goodluck to all Pokemon Trainers like me, hope we catch em’ all!!! 😀

Chandelier as gift

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I’m thinking of buying some chandelier parts online for my friend’s birthday. The chandelier in the office lobby reminded me of my friend’s broken piece.It was given as a wedding gift years ago and has been colllecting dust in their basement. By the way, I have to tell you.our office chandelier gets lit only on special occasions and this is one of those special occasions. Today it proudly glittered as we hosted the Regional Management Committee meeting. Superintendents from different divisions and their assistants from the whole CALABARZON region came to  grace this event.the warm lights gave a warm welcome to our guests. Funny how beautiful things remain kept in the dark until the need for it arises and funny how broken things get fixed and we don’t at all expect.  I’m sure my friend is going to love this little surprise of mine just in time for her birthday. Happy birthday. Shine bright!

Pinoy Drift Trikes – Caliraya Downhill Invasion

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After hybernating for a long time, nakapag-session aggression ulit ang Pinoy Drift Trikes crew, and this time its our first at Caliraya Downhill in Lumban Laguna. Unfortunately, shit happens the night before the session, bumigay yung bago kong bili na axle at naputol, so ang consequence wala akong nagamit na trike for the next day activity. Anyway, nag enjoy na lang ako sa view ng place, sobrang enjoy kase almost one hour kaming paikot-ikot sa Caliraya kakahanap nung spot haha!

The spot was awesome! Asphalt is perfect! There are lots of curves as you can see on the map below

caliraya map

and the slope speed was too damn fast! I think its around 3 kilometers / 4 minute drop. Just a reminder! Don’t drop without your safety gears!

We will be coming back for sure on this sweet downhill spot in Lumban!

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