6.5HP Fujihama engine for my trike

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Things are coming into places as I’ve recently acquired a 6.5HP Fujihama Gas Engine for my motorized trike project. Gone are my pedal driven trikes, now is the time for much more power or acceleration without the need of a downhill. I may have now the option to place a foot assisted brake like a guitar pedal order on my foot rest as it may look much gnarlier. ๐Ÿ˜›

There’s a funny story behind this engine. Both me and my trike builder Bryan was on a motorcycle surplus store that day waiting for our order for a surplus engine, when the salesman said that all their engine on their warehouse has no magneto, and that we have to wait another week for their new surplus deliveries.

Frustrated, we have no choice but to return to Brare Custom Trike’s warehouse emptyhanded. Suddenly, Bryan thought of his friend from just two blocks away, he told me he saw this engine last week and was asking his friend if he’s gonna sell it, his friend who were having second thought says “maybe”.

Without wasting a moment, we went there and Bryan asked again his friend about the engine. His friend finally agrees and sold it to me. Bryan and me went back at the warehouse with a big grin on my face! ๐Ÿ˜†

Bidyoko Prodaksyon Latest Videos

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The Sandbar of Tayabas Bay video

Inside Kwebang Lampas video (what’s happening inside the cave)

Yamaha SZ Commercial using Drone video (Phantom 3 Standard)

Viajista Kwebang Lampas Ride 2016 video (Pagbilao, Quezon)

Naki Pokemon Go na rin

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I’m really not into games ever since. Though I have played a few in the past like Counterstrike and Starcraft but that was long ago, and it was on PC. On mobile phone naman I can’t recall installing or playing any games on it, until last week, when I just found myself installing Pokemon Go like everyone else I know haha!

I dunno what convinced me but I think its worth it because It was challenging finding those pocket monsters, and somehow make me do some walking activity as an exercise. As of now after a week playing it, I’m on level 7 na at madami na din akong nahuling rare monsters like Rhyhorn, Pinsir, Eevee, Yamaha-YPG-535-88, Scyther, Pidgeotto and many others… Oopss the Yamaha wasn’t included haha!

The triangle I was standing on the map was my crib location.


And to top it all, at my crib, I got two nearby Pokestops that I can always rely on whenever Iย need pokeballs and other stuff. Minsan nga kahit nasa bed ako naaabot ko yung pokestops eh, I wonder why haha! Tapos just across the street naman is a Poke Gym. What a nice place to live di ba anlapit lahat hehe.

Goodluck to all Pokemon Trainers like me, hope we catch em’ all!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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