Chandelier as gift

I’m thinking of buying some chandelier parts online for my friend’s birthday. The chandelier in the office lobby reminded me of my friend’s broken piece.It was given as a wedding gift years ago and has been colllecting dust in their basement. By the way, I have to tell you.our office chandelier gets lit only on special occasions and this is one of those special occasions. Today it proudly glittered as we hosted the Regional Management Committee meeting. Superintendents from different divisions and their assistants from the whole CALABARZON region came to  grace this event.the warm lights gave a warm welcome to our guests. Funny how beautiful things remain kept in the dark until the need for it arises and funny how broken things get fixed and we don’t at all expect.  I’m sure my friend is going to love this little surprise of mine just in time for her birthday. Happy birthday. Shine bright!

Cheerson CX20 plummeted to earth from almost 300 feet and survived

What could have been a long flying day at the park since I brought three batteries for my Cheerson CX20 turn short as an expected turned of events happen. Cheerare (my CX20) which my son was controlling suddenly plummeted to earth at the height of a 20th story building or almost 240 feet.

We are analyzing the cause of why it happened. Maybe a signal lost from the TX or an interference from a nearby electric post, or maybe a power outage from the drone itself. A GoPro was attached at its belly and was on record mode as you can see on the video below.


You can hear the motors stopped simultaneously and the drone turned upside-down. As we all watched below, I initially thought it was some exhibition that my son had acquired but unfortunately all we’ve seen was a drone dropping from the sky. WTF!

It landed heavily on the ground! Two props are wasted and there are major cracks on the frame. Good thing it was upside down or my GoPro would be a casualty as well.

My son brought home Cheerare to fix things up.  And luckily after a few days of some loving and caring, after replacing it with 9450 self locking propeller set from DJI and after curing the cracks. My CX20 was able to fly again in the sky. Thank God! 😀



Test mic hello

“test mic hello” or “test mic 1, 2, 3”, were usually what we hear from someone that is testing the microphone if its ON or if it needs fine tuning. Unless otherwise stomped by hand by some nasty person like what this mic look like (see photo).

The head is now deformed and the quality of the audio has been compromise. I wonder if this is a Shure SM58 mic, maybe this won’t happen. 😀