PCC 2010 Xmas Party at Riverbank

the finale…

panorama at Riverbanks

The weather is gloomy outside when we (PnSers Camera Club) decided to move to Riverbank for our main event, the Christmas party! We were just like in an Amazing Race situation as leave Pan de Amerikana in three groups. Three on motorbikes (including me), one group on an SUV and the last group commutes 😀

shooting the dew

The sad part was I got lost and arrived 15 minutes later from where they are wahhh! Since the sun still shines that time, the group still manages to do a photowalk around the area, but unfortunately they were warned by the assign guard not to take photos around, instead of halting on shooting, the group turned themselves to shooting dews on the grass to the amazement of the people around and mostly to manong guard haha!

tripod fiesta

Then nightfall, we picked the nearest bar to be our xmas party venue, its Bonfire Bar & Grill. After we positioned ourselves at the table then came out all the tripods, its shooting time again for the indians! (walang kapaguran hehe) I can’t blame them coz the night scene fronting us was very inviting to practice night scene.

chow time

Another indian arrive at the scene. Its chuswa, just in time before we chow. After a short prayer led by a knightneo we ate a sumptuous dinner, around 5 different dishes, everyone was full! I then made a short speech thanking all the attendees and sponsors to the very first Christmas party of PnSers Camera Club (PCC), then one of the highlights of the night – its raffle time! A number of members have pledge some prizes, I think almost everyone got a prize, excluding me and vice althea.

raffle winner

Everybody was waiting for the grand prize (a camera) which I’ve pledged. Ace_creativemind was the lucky winner to be drawn, and he was happy with it (the camera), I hope so haha!

We then dozed off a few too many San Mig Lights while we introduce ourselves one by one. Everybody had a story to tell on how they became hook with photography and everything else in between. Its almost midnight when the indians decided to call it a night and go back to their each own teepee. 😀

First Automated Election in the Philippines

election day occurence

Got up early around 6am, hit the shower, and bring along my 72 year old mother to the elementary school. The purpose is get at the polling precint early to avoid the rush and scorching summer heat and to experience the first automated election in the Philippines.

We were surprise that people names were not alphabetically arrange anymore, instead (i think)its by the street or address of the person. So we were amaze to see all our neighbors compounded in one polling station. Its only past 7am and yet we got numbers (#130 and #132)for the line -whoahh!!!  its due to the volume of voters, who just like us wants to accomplish voting as early as possible.

We’re headed home at exactly 10am, more than 2 hours of waiting and lining-up. so far all went smoothly. The PCOS machine served its purpose, no brownouts, no unusual incident except to an unknown woman who collapse and need to be carried by a stretcher to a nearby first-aid station.

Pinoy Presidentiables 2010

Who will be the next president of the Philippines? That’s the question all of pinoy voters have in mind right now. Will it be Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro, Jambi Madrigal, Joseph Estrada, Dick Gordon, Eddie Villanueva or Noynoy Aquino who at first don’t have any plan to run for president until his mom, the former President Corazon Aquino died from colon cancer. I guess we have to take colon cleansing herbs to shoo away that Big C. He was asked by his colleagues and supporters to run, he cogitated it over and after few days he proclaimed that he will run for the position.

When I watched some of the debates they had, I saw a new face (or it’s just me who’s not much aware of politics?) he’s John Carlos Delos Reyes. He’s new to me. Well I guess I have to research more about him. I’m glad that the nuisance candidates are now out from the list of presidentiables. We must know and study well the candidates in all positions, because we are the ones who will benefit in the end. So to all my kababayans on May 10, 2010… Let’s vote wisely. 😀