Elliptical Machines

elliptical machines

A busy person like me needs some quick exercise to burn those fats. Especially now that I’m gaining weight and my blood pressure is getting high during this hot weather.

That’s why I’m thinking of getting myself an e-machine. Nope, not the brand of pc but the real elliptical machines that looks like a bicycle but with only one wheel hehe.

I think I can spare some time before and after work on these machine. That way, I can loose some of those bad cholesterol without going to a gym. And just maybe, I can customize the design by having a laptop holder in front of me. Excercising while working at the same time hehe! 😀

We Fit – Whip it – Wii Fit

I’m thinking of getting myself a Wii Fit soon.

My siblings and I have always been moaning about how much we need to lose some weight, and since our PlayStation got washed up during Ondoy (no more Dance Dance Revolution T_T), we have been looking for another alternative console for our fun/ exercise needs.

As it turns out, Wii Fit has a collection of exercises that range from Yoga, aerobics strength training and balance exercises, which I guess would come in handy when I cross those bamboo poles/ bridges in the province… those things scare the heck out of me. ~_~

But first, I have to get enough money for it. Looks like my wallet has to go on a diet first. XD