Gays in Fiesta

The Philippine archipelago comprises of 7,107 islands and almost everyday there are city, towns or barrios having a Fiesta celebration, a cultural and religious beliefs we have adopted from the Spanish. Example of these are the Flores de Mayo, Ati-Atihan, Moriones Festival and many more.

One thing you can find very common in festivities like these nowadays are some members of the gay community. They are devoted and fun-loving people very much involved in parades and street dancing. With their colorful and out of this world costume, they never fail to amuse and bring joy to the crowd who watch them. Just be sure to have your cameras ready to capture their wild and colorful moments.

Summertime again in the Philippines. With temperature reaching as high as 34 degrees, I’m sure beach resort and swimming pools are the place to be this time of the year.

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