The Life of a stroke warrior part VI

Posted by Raredog Barcelona on Tuesday, 10 December 2019
As I continue seeking ways and methods to cure myself I found the ancient Chinese medical practice of Acupuncture. So here I am at TAO of Inner Peace Acupuncture Center in Marikina feeling their needles 😀

Marikina Riverboat


The photo above is the Marikina Riverboat. It used to be a floating restaurant, now just a big piece of junk after typhoon Ondoy devastated Marikina riverpark last September 2009.

We used to dine and drink here with my buddies and watch some live entertainment. I can still remember seeing a stainless steel drum floating besides the boat. I wonder where it came from, as its very odd to see one.

Marilaque 3 in 1

Early this month, two buddies and myself (raredog) has gone on a road trip to the famous Marilaque Twisties (Marikina – Rizal – Laguna – Quezon). Its my 6th time to visit the place, but for them it was their first (virgins yay!), nevertheless they did enjoy every minute of it, the RIDE, the VIEW and the FOOD! We were hitting the zigzag road just like how a phenocal pill boost metabolism! Nice comparison yay!

So if ever you’re bored at your crib during weekends. Smack a taste of Marilaque 3 in 1! Satisfaction Guaranteed. 😀