Enchanted Kingdom Magicalympics

As an opening salvo, Ms. Myla have us experience one of the most popular attraction at the park, the 4D Discovery Theater, featuring “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Its actually a 3D movie with an attitude haha! Do check it out!

bloggers at EK

Got the chance to experienced Pasyal Pinoy at Enchanted Kingdom on Mother’s Day. As I was among the 50 lucky bloggers who got an exclusive invites to spend a day of leisure at the world-class theme park for FREE!

We first met the kind Ms. Ara of ITEX,(the exclusive shuttle service of EK) at the open parking space of InterCon in Makati. Then we were welcome by the alluring Ms. Myla Cammayo (Corporate Communications Manager of EK) and told us briefly what’s in store for us that day. Both of them are grinning that time, because were on for a big surprise daw haha!

After a short wait for other bloggers to arrive, we finally went off to EK at around 10AM, then arrived after almost an hour. Bilis noh! We all registered at their Guest Relation Management Office and they gave us some free stuffs – EK Maps, EK Money and a colored hanky. Hmmmm what’s with the colored hanky?

As an opening salvo, Ms. Myla have us experience one of the most popular attraction at the park, the 4D Discovery Theater, featuring “Journey to the Center of the Earth“. Its actually a 3D movie with an attitude haha! Do check it out!

Pagkatapos, we then proceed at Launch Time for our lunch and to meet other executives of EK for some welcoming remarks and presentations. That’s when they revealed the so called surprise, the Magicalympics.

Afterwards, we were then divided into 5 groups (now I know why they gave us the hanky lol). I then belong to the orange group or what we named as the Panda Team (yahhhh! yahhhhh yaaahh!). From there I’ve met my teammate bloggers. Namely Chris, Aileen and Jay, Jonas, Buddy and daughter Yael, Sabrina, Johnn and the healthy guy (soorry po, i forgot ur name hehe, pm na lang po).

Magicalympics works like the famous Amazing Race. The only difference is that we won’t be going anywhere but inside EK only. Armed with an EK map. We were supposed to finish 10 tasks the shortest time possible. And for every tasks we’ve finished, they’ll give us instruction for the next task – ride – puzzle.

It was so fun and exciting kase we were like celebrities as we roamed around Enchanted Kingdom and performed our tasks. Kase nga people would see us wearing the orange colored hanky, merong nasa ulo, nasa leeg at sa braso, and they will make usyoso to what were doing. Tapos feel ko para talagang amazing race talaga, kase Buddy are continuosly shooting every tasks we’ve made. Sa Jungle Log Jam lang yata siya hindi nag-video kase nga baka mabasa yung videocam hehe. And besides, that’s where we got one of the most difficult task. Lagyan ba naman kami ng headband with plastic cup on top, tapos pupunuin ng tubig! Astig! Ibang level talaga haha! The objective is that after the ride eh dapat mapuno namin to a certain level yung lalagyan. On which our team successfully did naman. We actually earned some bonus time there. Sulit yung pagkakabasa namin haha!

The biggest regret I had that day is that I had to carry a bag that has all my blogging apparatus inside it. Its not that heavy pero siempre abala rin. At isa pa I was wearing a heavy maong pants, and that I forgot to wear my belt that morning because of excitement, kaya ayun medyo nahuhubo haha! Good thing I wasn’t wearing tuxedo shirts that day, or else I would dehydrate really fast. I envy Jonas who was so comfy wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and slippers that day.

By the way, our team finished last (saklap huhuhu). Although a bit sad, happy na rin kase we enjoyed naman all the activity (kahit some part eh medyo mahirap hehe). What counts is our bonding, camaraderie and team work with new and old acquaintances. Overall, my stay at EK that day was one of the most fun and thrilling event I’ve ever experienced. I dare you to try Magicalympics too!

Thanks to Mr. Azrael for the RSVP. Disneyland coming soon? Pwede…pwede…haha! 😆

More photos HERE!

Happy Mothers Day

my mama Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers’ in the world.

If not for them there won’t be mankind
If not for them we won’t be born and experienced life
If not for them we won’t know about loving and caring and cooking, and gardening, and baking, and ironing and praying.
Love your mother. She’s the only one you’ve got.
Understand her. Help her. Give her your unconditional love.
Just like what she gave you the first time – LIFE
Mama, I know we don’t have all the time in the world to be together due to a lot of reasons.  Just keep in mind that I will always be your loving and thoughtful son that will care for you for always. I love you Mama! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

P.S. I don’t think my mother would see this post. She’s 70 years old and she doesn’t go online. I’ll just approach and greet her, then give her a kiss and a warm big hug.