Pinoy 3D Animator

Confined in his room for most of the day. Sitting in front of his computer doing what he likes best…making 3D animation. This is the usual scenario at the house of this very talented gentleman from Cavite. His name is Ron Sapinoso, an artist, writer, animator, and a digital filmaker, and even having cerebral palsy would not stop him from doing his craft. Good thing he doesn’t need a dearly device like pulse oximeter for his malady, for I think he has no means of income right now.

He’s latest project (the video above) is this 3D movie titled “Connect Ed”. The story bring us 7 years after World War III, where a cunning robot got rebooted and discovered that he’s alone. And searching for his creator would be his ultimate challenge and adventure. By the way Ron is searching for any good hearted souls to sponsor this first of a kind 3D Animated film that is 100% made by Pinoy, to be shown in local cinema/theaters. Let’s give support to talented Pinoy’s like Ron. By the way, you can check more of¬†his creative¬†works on his YouTube Channel