Tiptop Condition

Team Building

Two separate team building activites in 2 days is rare, but it happens! Funny thing is that it both happened in Laguna.

One was during our company outing at Forest Club in Bae, Laguna and the other is at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta Rosa, Laguna.

T’was a joyful and exhilarating experience for me. Good thing my body is in tiptop condition to absorbed all the challenges. Events like these are great for one’s mind and body rejuvenation. But of course you have to pay attention to safety, because it’s also prone to accident. Make sure also to protect your skin by using the best wrinkle cream when you got to be expose to sunlight for a long time.

Forest Club of Bae Laguna

Forest Club of Bae LagunaBefore, I was always one of the Game Master. At last, now I’m a participant at our recent Team Building or Capacity Building activity held at Forest Club in Barangays Puypuy and Masaya, Bay, Laguna, last May 8 and 9.

Coming from Taytay, Rizal. It took us almost 4 hours to get there, anyway the views along the way are fascinating specially when the bus cruises along the hospitable town of Los Banos, Laguna (home of the famous buko pies and hot spring resorts).

The whole Eco-Adventure is all new to me, and Forest Club has great package to offer. After assigning us into teams, we were made to battle for time on the awesome obstacle course. Then the next day the real adventure begins as we were made to traverse the Forest Canopy Walk. Its a bridge made of long and sturdy kawayan, high as a 2-story building, and around 500 meters. Then there’s the Ifugao Bridge, the Parallel Rope, and the wet and wild Bamboo Rafting.

They let us experience boodle fight too! The food was served on top of banana leaves, as we all stand and eat together with our bare hands. To the army, its a form of camaraderie. We also have a grand time dipping at their hot spring pool during the night.  Another thing that made me happy during this trip were the number of good photo subjects all over the place. Im glad I was able to captured some of them to flaunt it here. By the way,  our team turns out to be the overall winning team! 😀

View all the photos HERE!

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

I have seen this error message so many times on my website that I almost think it was my welcome message to my visitors. lol! For those who doesn’t know why it appears instead of my site, it’s because I have consumed/reached the maximum bandwidth alloted by my hosting company for one month. And the error page “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” would continue to appear as long as my assign bandwidth would not increase or until it resets back to zero on the first day of the succeeding month.

Good thing that my host increased it twice this month, or else you won’t be seeing this post. Imagine my original bandwidth plan with my host is 10GB (Most personal or small business sites will not need more than 1GB of bandwidth per month) That is big enough for me for the meantime. But in my site’s case its different. Imagine it have gobbled that 10GB in just 5 days! (main cause – some php script) Then my host gave me an additional 5GB to play with, nice host duh! So it’s up again, I can now do some tweaking while its up, but to no avail, the additional 5GB was munched again by my site in just 3 days. (15GB depleted in just 8 days WTF!)

So there goes again the cute error message! (remember migraine boy, bwahahaha) I let my site down for 2 days so that I could relax and think. After that I asked/begged my host for 5GB more, so all in all that would be 20GB. (enough for 5 – 6 small websites).

Luckily my host gave it to me, and luck was on my side because I have found the solution to that problematic php script through my online friend Dyu. He just paste the code on my YM and tells me to replace the existing code with it.

After replacing the code, I monitor my site’s bandwidth and it seems to slow down a bit. (It’s almost 18GB++) But then I have to leave for some team-building activity in Iba,Zambales for 3 days January 25 – 27 – I can’t say no because I’m one of the gamemasters (for 4 consecutive years now, but that’s another story hehe!)

That would be strictly nature trippin, no internet access there for me to monitor my site, wahhhh!. I was thinking when I got home after 3 days, its either I would see “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” again or it would be my site’s landing page. And voilah! after typing websaytko.com at the address bar this evening I’ve seen my site in all it’s beauty and glory!!! Checked the bandwidth on my cpanel, and was startled that it doesn’t even reaches the 19GB mark! Yippee the code works! 😆