The Anticipated 8th Year Anniversary Post of

Duh! Anticipated daw hehe!

Kase naman po its late na at nakasanayan ko lang mag-post every first of May in celebration of my blog (raredog’s chronicle – Going strong (daw) on its 8th Year presence in the world wide web. O diba tatag din noh hehe! Which now coincides with Cjay (my van) first year with me. Tapos mejo dikit na din dun sa foundation day ng tinayo kong community na Pinoy Drift Trikes which is on its 2nd year naman last May 2, 2014. Catch us here –

Ok, so why now? Why late post?

It started two weeks before May 1. This site was hacked! My hosting company suspended it temporarily because they detected an email spamming script that’s making their SERVER perspires tremendously haha! Pati ba naman Google nag email at phishing nga daw yung websaytko sa kanila hehe. It took me almost an entire week cleaning my server email accounts, uninstalling and re-installing wordpress application and plugins, double checking my databases and deleting unwanted files/suspicious files on my file storage in my hosting company, it wasn’t that easy at all, but really rewarding ng matapos ko hayyyy!

Next thing was when it was our company outing at Estrellas de Mendoza in Laiya, Batangas last April 29-30. Mejo relax-relax din pag me time. Inisip ko na lang its the blow-out of websaytko haha!  So hindi pa rin ako nakapag-post kase nga on relax mode ang lolo haha!

Relaxing at Estrellas De Mendoza in Laiya, Batangas

More pics HERE!

Tapos eto pa! Very timely din sa anniversary ng Pinoy Drift Trikes, I got invites from Bataan Drift Trikers to go there with the Pinoy Drift Trikes Crew last May 3 and 4 for some extreme drifting and bonding. Everyone had a blast! Lots of activities ba naman eh, aside from drifting to our hearts content, anjan din siempre yung kainan at inuman, swimming, and photo ops! Not to mention I fell in love with “gummy bears” haha! I tagged along my kid Sean Kirk, coz like me he’s also into trike drifting, biruin mo at his young age of 10 he impressed everybody by showing his drifting skills and his No Fear attitude on the curvaceous and steep hills of Mariveles, Bataan.

Me and Sean Kirk with Pinoy Drift Trikes and Bataan Drift Trikers

More pics HERE!


About Cjay naman, well he was supposed to be utilized during our trip to Bataan, but since some of us can’t make it, we decided to just bring only one Toyota Hilux na lang since kasya naman kami at mas makakatipid pa. Sayang lang, na-test ko sana sa long drive si Cjay ko hehe!

So ayun pagod ulit at ilang days pa dumaan para maka-recover tapos mejo toxic din sa work lately tapos eto hindi muna ako naglaba to give way to this post haha!

Happy 8th Anniversary!!! 

Happy 1st year Cjay!!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary Pinoy Drift Trikes!!!


p.s. coming soon yung videos, edit ko muna 😀

Pinoy Drift Trikes on TV again

Another milestone for drift trikes in the Philippines,  as another media exposure is coming your way. 😀

From its first ever tv appearance with the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew and myself last September 8 at GMA-7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, another famous documentary TV show from another giant network will feature drift trikes again on the boob tube!

Ok I’ll spill it! I’m talking about no other than Matanglawin of ABS-CBN which is hosted by the lively and witty Kim Atienza a.k.a. Kuya Kim. It’s time slot is every Sunday at 9:30 am. There’s no definite date yet but it will be shown this coming October. Be sure not to miss it!

Anyway, to get you more excited, here’s are some behind the scenes from our Matanglawin shoot. 😀




And for trash-talkers of drift trikes, I made a list of facts, based from my own experience


  1. It’s a new action sport and it’s EXTREME!
  2. The usual first impression is that it looks like a kids’ stuff (wait until you ride it!)
  3. Yes It’s an extreme sport but it’s actually safe for everyone (young and old) as long as you don’t do downhill the first time.
  4. It’s much more easier to ride than a bicycle coz its 3-wheeled
  5. There’s no standard in building a drift trike, you just have to be creative and performance wise. (old bmx or mountain bike parts will do)
  6. It’s actually 4 sports rolled into 1 (biking, go-kart, car drifting and wakeboarding)
  7. It’s exciting and exhilarating, plus it enhances the skills of the rider
  8. Improves one agility and level of alertness
  9. And most of all it foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among other drift trikers here and around the world. 😀


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Turns Two

Time is so damn fast. I can’t hardly believe has been online for two years now. In which I have 221 posts, 4 pages, 11 categories, 366 tags, 28,440 spam comments, and 107 approved comments. (courtesy of my WordPress Dashboard)

I could say it was a very wonderful and exhilarating experience for me. This site has its ups and downs. It went up to pagerank 4, plummeted to zero and now its PR2. Whew! Just like a roller coaster ride. But still is here to stay. While maintaining this site I have gained vast knowledge in blogging,  meet a lot of extraordinary people both online and offline, and somehow put some moolahs on my barren wallet.

I love you for that! I don’t know how to live without my blog anymore. had became part of me. Basically its my virtual life. Thanks to all who supported this site. (you know who you are) I promise to continue posting interesting articles, photos, videos and jokes for all of you. Maraming Salamat Po! at Mabuhay ang!

P.S. I’d like to give credits to all the persons who greeted me on top! Thanks guys! 🙂 Actually they are all members of Photobucket (that includes me). You’ll find them when you search for the keyword “peace man”.