You Dont Mess with the Raredog

you dont mess with the raredog

Adam Sandler movies keeps getting better and better! He never fails to entertained his audience with his wacky antics! I think he’s one of the best or maybe the best comedian in Hollywood.

As of this writing I know a lot of you have already watched his latest flick “You don’t mess with the Zohan”. Which was opened last June 6 in the U.S. and I think about two weeks ago here in Manila. As you know, movie franchise to every country differ in terms of scheduling.

I have so much fun watching it! It made me laughed the most with his vigorous waist movement, that inspires me to make a home based business spoof out of it. lol

Roadfill and Moymoy Palaboy

roadfill anf moymoy palaboy

Im proud of this video you’ll about to see. Why? Because they are a true blooded Pinoy’s! They came from the beautiful city of Pasay! Their guts and adrenalins are super duper HIGH! They’ve poured a tremendous amount of effort, talent, and ideas in making their funny and brainsick videos.

Their videos will make you forget about your problems.  You’ll laugh like crazy upon watching their (faces) comic antics.

You want proof? Try watching them with the volume turned down (100%). You’ll still have the same results. You’ll still LAUGH and LAUGH AND LAUGH!!!

And without further ado, I introduce to you 3D Roadfill and Moymoy!

watch their video