Kamusta po! Welcome!

At last a dotcom website of my own, after years of making websites mostly in geocities, and redirecting it to different free commercial domain, like cjb.net, lookscool.com, etc.. I can now proudly say to myself and everyone that I now have my own dotcom, With the help and teaching of my mastah/mentor Benj (benjarriola.com) he’s the one who told me about blogging and WordPress. By the way i’m raredog in the internet community, and been using that nick since 1998, but somebody has gotten it before me in yahoo, so I have change it to rare_dog. Since then I was planning to have a website, and that would obviously be raredog.com, that domain is very available, but my funds is not. Until the last time I checked it during 2005, got surprised when it already has an owner…waaahhhh!!! and you guess it right, the site is really about dogs. Now I know that every second counts when deciding a domain for yourself or your company, that’s why when I’ve checked the availability of “websaytko” at DirectNic and found out its not taken yet, I’d hurriedly talk with Benj to have it registered for me, before somebody would.┬áBy the way “websaytko” is actually a Tagalog translation of “my website“. And to all of you out there…I’m not really an organized person, but here in websaytko.com, I will try my best to make it nice and tidy. Well here is my first blog. Welcome and Enjoy your stay here in websaytko.com.

Author: raredog

I'm a guy who has passion on computers, internet, and motorcycles. I'm also into photography and trike drifting. See you around!

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