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I still consider myself new or fresh in this blogging thing. I started only last year with completely zero knowledge at all except to write. I envy those young bloggers nowadays because it was in their generation that it had boomed! Imagine even mobile phones now has blogging features!

And since last year I’ve gained little by little information on how my blog will become popular and eventually bring traffic to my site. Here are some of them.

First I disclosed it to everyone I know, my family, relatives friends, neighbors, officemates, istambay sa kanto (word of mouth ika nga), then if your really have the guts, you can even give leaflets to malls, tiangges, markets and bangketas, then I submit my URL to different directories, I installed Alexa Toolbar (this is very effective, try it :D), sign-up with Technorati, Feedburner, etc.., customized my sig on every forum that I’m a member, embedded my URL to almost every photo I have uploaded on the net (Flickr’s the best for me), uploaded home made videos on Youtube, exchange links with other bloggers and post comments on their blogs, attend bloggers parteeh (socializing! this is also important), post my RSS feeds on Yahoo and Google, join Group Blogs site such as PBS, design and print my own business cards, I even have a made to order silkscreen to print my URL on t-shirts. I’ve also put a large sticker of my URL on my scooter so that everywhere I go people would see it. (Somehow those small gimmicks gave me hits!).

What else? Well if my budget permits, Im aiming for a personalized cap, buttons and undies too! lol. Try your best also to blog in english language because you can reach more readers that way and also much SEO friendly. Don’t worry if it’s carabao english as long as everybody would understand it. Blog sensational issues, current events, celebrities, technology, your new flashdisk, your ride, your girlfriend/s, hobbies, etc..make it unique. Blog this! Blog that! Always remember “content is king” And lastly of course write with passion and feelings. Don’t be shy to write what you would want to say. You may not pleased 9 out of 10 people but you will give inspiration, hope, and joy to at least 1 person in this world and that’s the most important of all.

After you’ve done all that, check your PR or page rank from time to time. As of this time I’m enjoying a PR4 for websaytko.com! Then do some monetization with your blog! This will be the fruit of your hard work to pay your hosting and domain bill. lol Sign up with Google Adsense, Kontera, Pay Per Post, Text Link Ads, Adbrite, AuctionAds to name a few. Goodluck. Happy Blogging. 😀

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Author: raredog

I'm a guy who has passion on computers, internet, and motorcycles. I'm also into photography and trike drifting. See you around!

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  2. Hi Raredog,

    Your post is inspiring and I’ll be trying to follow some of your blogging tips. You’ve gone a long way, ‘wish I can frequently visit your site for the valuable information you’re sharing. Thanks…

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