I have read an article that it started here in the Philippines years ago, but only recently that it became popular and  mushroomed all over the place. And soon got its attention by the people and the business sector. Many schools now are offering Medical Transcription as a short-term course, and companies who are catering their transcribing services with clients abroad. The first time I knew about it is when I saw a segment on television, and after that I already got interested. They say it’s a promising and high-paying job. It happens that a school nearby our place is offering MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION course (MTC Marikina Branch). So I enrolled into it, and now I’m on my fifth month in Academic Class and need 160 hours of OJT (On the Job Training). I can say that its not that easy although its fun, studying again, gaining friends, and at the same time learning new things.  Medical lectures is one of the major subject that you really need to focus, need to read a lot, I mean READ…READ…READ… to be familiar with all those tounge-twisting medical terminologiess and attain that 95% accuracy and transcribe at least 350 lines per day. And when it comes to transcription itself, that’s the time when I asked myself ” Did I make the right decision in taking this? “Gosh!!! It’s so intricate!!! Most specially when I encountered those hard to understand accent of the foreign dictators. But somehow, I managed to do the transcription little by little. I know and I hope that someday all these patience and hardship of mine will benefit me in the near future, and that is to be a successful “MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST”.


Here’s a photo of our class, with our lecturer having a birthday blowout inside our room in MTC Marikina.

Contributed by: Marjonelle 

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