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After planting the seed and watched it grow for 1 year and 5 months, I finally harvest it’s fruit. I’m talking about my Google Adsense. And yesterday I had collected my first payout with them!

It was very timely that they have tied-up with Western Union because I recieved it in full, no charge at all, 100% FREE! Because before I was planning for the secured check delivery which would take one week and would cost/deduct $24 from my earnings! Whoa! I’ve just save $24 dollars! It’s like a bonus for us bloggers from the Philippines isn’t it? Thanks for that Google Adsense!

I would like to commend the people at Western Union Sta. Lucia for their very warm treatment for first timers like me. Actually they’re first timers too lol! They didn’t know about the Quick Cash (Global Payment Solutions) their company is offering, until they’ve checked my MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) And that’s when I heard the oh’s and ah’s lol. (Guys! Don’t forget this MTCN when claiming your dough!)

The transaction went on smoothly. Or should I say quickly (Quick Cash kase eh lol) I just filled-up some forms and signed them,Β  show two valid ID’s,Β  some picture taking and VOILA they gave me my money. I have the option to have it in dollars but unfortunately they are in short of dollars that time and told me to come back on Monday for the dollars. Thinking dollars is depreciating everyday I decided to have it in pesos that day.

I remember one girl saying “Do you work for Google Inc. sir?”Β Surprised with her question, IΒ boastfully replied “Yes! And we are many!”

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28 thoughts on “Adsense Make Sense”

  1. e magkano naman daw yan? sabihin mo na di naman kita hoholdapin e πŸ™‚ galing ha ako mahigit isang taon na adsense ko wala pa rin ….ayaw yata sa tagalog lol! pero sabagay sa kapapalit ko ng template e nakakalimutan ko madalas yung mga adsense ko πŸ™‚

  2. aba congrats tol…
    way to go…
    di payout mo mas madali na lang.. as the seed you plant is already a tree.. all you have to do is take care and wait for it to bear fruits.. πŸ™‚

  3. congrats. am expecting my first payment from google adsense soon too. have opted for western union. good to hear its free. πŸ™‚

  4. @ amy – wag mo lang antayin para nde ka mainip πŸ˜€

    @javi – korek

    @gibo – yup it’s good talaga!

    @Renee – hmmm parang parehas lang. pero basta me pay ok na rin yun hehehe.

  5. same here boss,
    it took more than a year
    for me to receive my first check
    from google.
    Huli na yong W.U
    kaya sayang yong $24.00 ko! waaa

    but anyway congrats po!

  6. @stentorized – tsk tsk sayang talaga yung $24 sir, buti na lang medyo na delay ng kaunti yung payment ko πŸ˜€

    @James – thanks sir. Medyo mataas palit that day $1 = P43.56

    p.s. sir baka me moneybookers acct kayo, send ko money ko charge nyo na lang ako.

  7. Sori nalito ka na hehe. Bale ganito. Meron akong pera sa moneybookers, gusto ko sanang i-send syo (kung me acct ka rin duon) tapos fastbreak mo sa akin thru Paypal. Gets? hehehe

  8. galing din ako sa western union the other day, rate nila sa akin is $43.50, swerte πŸ˜€

    been receiving adsense cheque for 2 years now and nasasayangan talaga ako dun sa $24 na fee, thanks a lot at may western union na πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats! Last month lang ako nagtanim, so marami pang pagdidilig ang kailangan ko para maka buo ng katulad mo. Keep it up bro!

  10. Adsense is a good source of passive income. In my own experience, my religious blog ( alone is earning about $30-35 a month now with adsense.

    Ang sekreto talaga is to have a good amount of traffic. The average clicks for 200 visits a day is 7-12. That will make you about $1.25-1.5 average per day.

    As for me, the highest income that I ever had with adsense is $48.90 in one month. Not bad for a Filipino blogger.:)

  11. @ph1l1p – start your own blog, then apply for a google adsense. Then wait for an email if you are qualified to be an adsense publisher. It usually takes some time to be approve.

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