My Fluffiness

Actually, there is only one thing I hate about being fluffy.

It’s finding the right clothes for my size.

It’s really annoying when I have to go to clothing stores only to find that the really cute blouse I wanted doesn’t come in my size. At one time, I was looking at this really beautiful chiffon blouse and I asked a sales lady if they got it in my size. She forced a smile and gave me a look that said, “Like heck you goin’ to fit in there, tubby”.

I swear, if I could just sew and design my own clothes, I would make a wholesale clothing store for fluffy people that includes gothic lolita costumes and anime clothes. Heck, maybe I’ll put in an extra aluminum bat to allow chubby people to bash the heads of sales ladies like the ones I had the misfortune to meet when shopping.

Maybe I should try and save up for a sewing machine. Yeah, that would be cool. Then I’d make like a Vincent Valentine cape thing and just glower at people mysteriously… it’ll look good with my mask. XD

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