My Fluffiness Part II

AND ANOTHER thing I hate about the fact that I’m fluffy.

It’s all these people who are trying to get me to buy or drink all these crap that’s “supposed” make me thin.

I mean, seriously, I know I’m fluffy, but I don’t need any toxic junk to make me thin. I don’t care if you say “Oh, this drink is ephedra free” or “this drug made me lose a lot of weight”. That thing has drugs in it to MAKE you thin. And drugs, if taken on high dosages, can lead to health issues. I don’t want to take something that can give me health issues when I’m already trying to deal with another. 🙁

Probably the only thing I want so I could get thin… is own room. Honestly. I have a yoga mat and I know some yoga poses I can do. The problem is I have a sister who does not appreciate the benefits of yoga and bellydance, and laughs her head off when I even try to do a bellydance shimmy. So yeah, I need my own room where I can do a downward dog without anyone laughing, or do shimmies without anyone miming that there’s an earthquake because I’m dancing. If I have my own room and I can work out in there without anyone laughing, I swear, I’ll be as sexy as a centerfold girl… but probably not as pretty. 😀

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