bloopers at The Mansion

This was our first location shooting of SAW News, right infront of The Mansion, Baguio City. The shooting was so hilarious! It’s because Josephine was so tense seeing people around looking at us, and besides it was her first time doing something like this, hahaha! (my persuasion works).

His nephew “Aji” even plays his flute infront of her (watta distraction hahaha!!! you’ll definitely hear the annoying sound of it on the video!).

Bloopers sequence

1. “tsk tsk tsk” (she actually says it, hahaha!)
2. “funny fright feeling” (she says it again, instead of acting it, hahahaha!)
3. and lastly when she reads her name on the script (hehehe!)

We all have a really good time during the shoot!!! 😆

Check-out the final video HERE!

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2 thoughts on “bloopers at The Mansion”

  1. Nice one. next time find a safer place to shoot Josephine was almost run by a passing suv. Congratulations Josephine, I can see another CNN correspondent in the making. It’s evident that everybody enjoyed more power . . .

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