2008 Yamaha TMax

yamaha t-max
I still remember the first time I saw a Yamaha T-Max Maxi-Scooter last November 2002 at Baguio City, it was actually a yellow T-Max too. And as a scooterist, I easily fell in love with its great body and aerodynamic designed. Its only when I’ve done a research on the internet that I’ve knew its specification – a powerful 500cc engine (lots of power, good enough to enter the expressway lol).

Six years passed, and now Yamaha has released the T-Max 2008 model. With lots of nice modifications to its designs and down to its weight. I’m just waiting to win the lottery and I will definitely grabbed one fresh 2008 T-Max for me,lol. For the meantime I’ll just imagine that my ride is a T-Max. Anyway my Geely has similar front and rear look of a T-Max, haha. (My Geely)

The new TMAX is a pure expression of power and beauty, perfectly balanced. Every new feature speaks the language of performance and comfort, to give you an unique riding experience.

What’s big on the new TMAX? The front wheel, to start with , has been increased to 15”and the front forks are larger in diameter, both providing improved stability. Furthermore, the fuel tank has been enlarged to 15 litres’ capacity. The new TMAX also provides more comfort, thanks to a new seat shape, new passenger handgrips, and a newly designed windscreen for better protection.

Bigger the pleasure for your ears, thanks to a newly designed muffler that provides a sporty attitude. Then there are new front and rear body design, a new instrument panel and an additional storage compartment. You might now think – with so many additions – the new TMAX has put on some weight, right? Wrong! Thanks to its all-new CF die-cast aluminium frame, it is now 5 kg lighter!

Surprised? Just wait to ride it! You’ll experience that the improved torque performance from the 4 valve, 499cc fuel injected engine is the best way to accelerate adrenaline into your system. The new TMAX will take you around the city, or to any other faraway destination with great comfort, fun and endless enthusiasm.


Watch a T-max rider in Paris doing a wheelie HERE!

raredog recommendsNice bike! Nice ride!

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  1. Hello There !!
    I am one of the lucky few, here in the Los Angeles area, that was able to purchase a brand new 2009 Yamaha T-Max scooter. They are in limited numbers here at the moment, and probably won’t be readily available out here, from what I heard until about the first quarter of 2009. I can’t tell you all how much I love this scooter. And as luck has it, I was able to get the scooter in the upgraded color of Cadmium Yellow !! there are only two colors available in the U.S. dark blue and the yellow, for an extra charge. I must admit that the T-Max is no cheap scooter, after dealer prep, assembly, tax and other charges and a 5 year extended service plan, the scooter cost a whopping $12,500.00 U.S. dollars ouch !! I am interested in stripping off the factory Yamaha graphics, and replacing them with the graphics found on the cover page of this website. I just love the looks of that yellow 2008 T-Max pictured here, and can any of you tell me where I can buy those Laguna Seca graphics pictured here ?

  2. Geri,
    Thank You so much for your kind response, and assistance in locating the “Laguna Seca” graphics kit for my 2009 Yamaha T-Max. I will check out that website and see what they offer. I am hoping to join a T-Max forum or group soon. I would also be interested in joining a T-Max rider’s club, if there is any available here in the Los Angeles area. Unlike just about everywhere else in the world, the U.S. has really not caught on to the scooter craze just yet, although with the ever increasing cost of fuel, I don’t see it staying that way very much longer, especially with the introduction of the T-Max out here finally !! To all a great day !!

    Drew’s last blog post..Owning a Patek Philippe

  3. I also have a 09 T-Max here in Chicago area. I was looking for the graphics on this site but could not find anything.
    Perhaps invalid link?

    I also replaced my graphics, 3 days after purchase, but looking for something better, different, cooler.


  4. Cool, Danke f?r den hilfreichen Post ! Hat mir gefallen, euch nicht? Was geht bei euch so? Geh doch mal auf meinen Namen im Kommentar, da gehts auch um Yamaha’s

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