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image from www.immigration2australia.comThe beautiful country of Australia. Home of the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu and other wonderful places on earth you can find it here. With lots of nice destinations to explore, entertained and relax. One of them is the city of Sydney where the famous Sydney Opera House was built. From there you would see also the much talk about Harbour Bridge.

Then Melbourne, also known as the “Worlds Ultimate Sports City”. Cricket and football are widely popular here, with soccer and rugby coming in second. If you love watching these sports then don’t forget to include Melbourne in your itenirary.

And then there is Brisbane. For people who love performing arts and entertainment. Theatre fans would definitely enjoy visiting Brisbane. There you would find The Queensland Performing Arts Complex. Concerts and stage plays all year round. And for the yuppies entertainment pubs and clubs are all within the city to hop in.

Go to where the action is! Go west of Australia! That would be Perth. Situated around 2750 kilometres or at least two days away by car. Experience the Outback. Surf and dive on its sunny beaches. Go on an adventure tour on its virgin forest. Or just pitch a tent and just be one with mother nature.

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