Mount Apo : The Grandfather of Philippine Mountains

mt apo

It’s a great feeling once you’ve reached the top/summit of a mountain. Its like you’ve conquered your fear and boost your morale at the same time.

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Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines and overlooks Davao City, a few kilometres to the northeast.

Mt. Apo was first climbed on October 10, 1880 by a party led by Don Joaquin Rajal.

Mount Apo is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the country. The summit is very easy to reach, unlike other mountains such as Mount Halcon and Mount Banahaw.

On May 9, 1936, Mount Apo was declared a national park by President Manuel L. Quezon.

The mountain is home to over 270 bird species, with more than a hundred that are endemic.

A stratovolcano, Apo is flat topped, with three peaks. A source of geothermalenergy, the time of its most recent eruption is unknown, and none are verified in historic times.
I’ve put a picture of a group of men on top of Mount Apo waving a banner. One of them is my good friend Louie, he’s from Tagum City, Davao, he owns and manage Anito Outdoor Shop. And the best thing about that picture was the tarpaulin that they are holding. Because even though I’m not with them on that glorious moment, I’m with them in spirits, bcoz I was the one who designs it. 😀

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