Gundam history on Manga series


I was browsing the net today for an interesting manga to read.  When I stumbled upon this Gundam titled manga, I needed best arthritis treatment to pull myself back.  I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Gundam, but in any case you have not, Gundam is a huge robot or “Mecha” anime series which was airing since 1970 and was produced by Sunrise Studios.

Of course if you’re familiar to it you would definitely think that this manga I’ve found is about robot wars, colony wars, new Gundams, new weapons, and all of those anime/mecha stuffs.  But that is what I thought as well at first, I just checked this out to see how this gundam would look like, but I was surprised that there is no War or any weapon in this series and in fact no new Gundam.

The title of this manga is “Gundam Sousei” , not quite sure yet what sousei means, but if you’re looking forward for action and Robot Wars I guess this is the only Gundam Manga you would like to skip, but if your interested of Gundam’s History I would strongly recommend this one.

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