Pinoy Motorcycle Rider Uses HHO

motorhack of MCPMotorhack –  A motorcycle rider and a forum member of, who Just like what his alias means – literally hacks his motor! You wouldn’t believe it but this pinoy rider who owns a Yamaha DT claims that he’s been using 70% HHO 30% gas to powered his motorbike for two months now. And much more amazing is that almost 99 percent of the materials he utilized to build this device can  be found at anybody’s home (ika nga eh homemade talaga!), particularly inside the kitchen. Its so funny that during his first attempt he even uses a catsup squeeze bottle. And eventually it works! Iba talaga ang Pinoy! Madiskarte! Bilib ako syo bro! 😀 describes HHO as:

HHO is Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen. How does the HHO system work? When the HHO systems splits water (H2O) into its components the H2O to HHO conversion takes place. HHO is also known as Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, and Water gas. The electrolysis of water produces a burnable Green Gas. HHO is a green gas that is the wave of the future. HHO auto conversion creates a hybrid car, which are now water powered cars using the technology of HHO.

In this time of fuel crisis. Any fuel saving devices or tips that can help alleviate people lives are very much welcome by motorist worldwide. Let’s just hope that our government would support this kind of initiative.

Photos on how to assemble the device – HERE!

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40 thoughts on “Pinoy Motorcycle Rider Uses HHO”

  1. Eto ang tunay. Me nakakausap, natatawagan, sumasagot sa mga tanong, buhay ang email address. Hindi tulad ng isang jingle bells puro kyaw-kyaw, pulicity, wala ka naman makausap meron website at kelangan pa mag register. Pag nag register ka naman wala naman dadating sa email mo na confirmation or me dumating man dead link naman ang mga ibinigay na link. Was this part of their security routine check? How how the carabao batuten.

    To Mr. Motorhack mabuhay ka sana makatulong kami kahit sa munting paraan para maitaguyod ang inyong proyekto.

  2. Iba talaga pag istambay nagiging very creative hehe.

    Grabe! Astig! Iba ka bro! Pati music match na match! Power of Two Stroke hehe. Yayaman ka dito bro. Suggest ko lang, gawan mo ng website para mas makilala.

    I add your video to my favorites. 😀

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  3. ok yan, ayos ang pag kagawa mo. meron din ako i share sa inyo you could do this in an easy,cheap,affordable or in a more sophisticated way. sa katunayan meron na ako na gawa about 15 assembly na with this help dito nyo makikita>>> ( sensya na ha naka pdf file eto 300 pages nga eto complete instruction and marami pang iba good luck to all of you hope this help..

  4. hmm.. geri,

    easy lang ang pag gawa basta sundin mo lang yung nasa tutorial and basta ma intindihan mo lang ang concept at theory tapos i apply mo. at ang pina ka da best nyan yung may PUSO ka sa ginagawa mo diba..yan ang pinoy bilib sa kahit anong gawain.. kahit may problema tinatawanan lang ehehehe..

  5. Hi my name is Michelle’m from Argentina, I am teaching a high school technical my country, besides working for an NGO (a club of science) who works with kids ( 15 to 18 years) of my poor country, since last year been working the issue of microbial fuel cells, we have made several prototypes, both in cell technology mediated, as in sedimentary cells, the idea would make a final stack or cells separately in order to move a robot, we in the theme of robotics we have designed some vehicles before both terrestrial and marine and surfing the Internet looking at your video on hidroxy and reminded us of an old project which was conducting a electrolizador high purity gases, the which we managed to build it and a couple of years, he sent a link to our old project.
    Now we would like if possible more information on the issue of gas hidroxy also all our work is purely educational, that’s why all the information is then turned into web, we would be happy to exchange information and attempt to move a karting with this system (hidroxy).
    We thank you very much

  6. @Alejandro – Very interesting class you have there! Keep it up! The video is not mine actually but from some fellow countrymen who continually seeking power alternatives.

    geri’s last blog post..YouTube Goes LIVE

  7. lagyan nio po ng flashback arrestor delikado yan baka magbackfire sabog yan baka magtalsikan ung glass na container un po ung ginagamit sa acetyline para di pumasok apoy hanggang sa loob ng tanke

  8. mga bro, nagtesting akong hho sa xrm ko, kaso sumabog yung bubbler ko, pano ba talaga napapagana ang hho sa motorcycle like Honda Xrm baka nman po pede paki e-mail sa akin or kahit d2 nlang sa forum

  9. @joe – visit mo na lang itong link na bigay ni Mr. Xpert – ( im sure dami mo matututunan jan mga tips. Gudlak sa project mo.

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  10. ups lang mga tool
    flashback usually happen if there is a carbon deposits in cylinder in which being fanned and glow during intake,
    you could make a flashback arrestor if you want
    or you can a buy a bronse wool and rap it inside a tube put fittings in both ends and attach inseries with your tube
    to prevent flashback, and when ur cylinder is cleaned off carbon flashback will be eliminated about 3 weeks of use
    sometimes if you have a waste spark,
    the best to put connection inorder to eliminate spark
    is to connect in the filter bore a hole and attach fittings
    do not connect directly near the trothle valve
    somewhere in the upper part where you can find a rubber tube that connect inside to the motorcycle body
    you may wish to make a PWM( pulse width modifier) in order not to drain you battery, coz if the resistance of your cell recheas near 0 it will draw a lot of current this will discharge you batt.
    and also measure the output of your HHO cell
    if you would put it in an XRM 110cc then it must be that .110 liters per minute of HHO produce otherwise you will lose MPG if it is too much, this will save about 20% for 4 stroke and 50% for two stroke, so if you wish to feed it with more HHO juice then you have to retard your spark timing using tunable CDI ( racing CDI) that will give you 70% savings of Gas
    or consult a mech..

  11. Hi bro,

    May itatanong lang, sorry direct kasi to…nasubukan mo na bang i supply 100% ang hho sa engine mo at gumagana ba, without any modulation control?

  12. Been there, Done that, YUP! Tried it too.

    I for one am not a believer of PWM’s… Brute Electrolysis is the best way to do it without the acidic electrolytes.

    I don’t have mucking problems anymore and yes I tried inducing pure hydroxy gas into a 35cc 2 stroke engine…moped. It ran.

    But – it’s too dangerous. Hydroxy is too quick a fuel to burn… it doesnt burn slow, it burns too fast.

    I will leave you guys here with only one word.


    ehnriko’s last blog post..The Extinction of Animal and Plant Species

  13. no way 6 amps of about 60watts can be harness with the BIKES Generator cannot supply enough power to produce that much hho in the bike to run 100% otherwise you will get from outside source..
    your motorcycle has 110 cc displacement
    so .110LPM succefully in full trottle about 5000 rpm
    since it only has to take fuel in every to revs since it is a 4 stroke so. .055LPM per 2 revs
    since it revs at 2500 RPM full trottle 2500 x .055LPM = 137.5LPM of fuel air mixture sucked in so only 10 percent of that is actual fuel wich is HHO so 13.7LPM of HHO is needed to run that motorcycle successfully with HHO alone
    13.7 LPM of HHO is to large that a conventional power rating for the bike wouldnt enoght to handle
    at full trottle the fuel air mixture successfully sucked 85% of its total intake so 85% of 13.7LPM is the rough ball park. 11.7LPM of HHO, but you have to consider the HHO loss during operation about 20% into the air OMG!! HHO is a good escape artist… during intake it is composed of atoms not molecule, unlike Gasoline… so it is impossible for an XRM to run pure HHO with respect to the above condition..
    thanksss TO ehnriko you must be using outside source… 🙂
    from mains?

  14. No I am not using outside energy source… for the bikes I calibrate them to only 3.5A, but as the engine rev goes up – amperage also increases. I started experimenting with hho when dingel visited our house 20 years ago, though he didnt share his knowledge or secret – na challenge lang… thats where I started. but I didnt focus into it much until 2007 lang.

    Anyway, good luck with your experiments… just make sure to be safe always. dont use Glass Jars! parang awa niyo na sa sarili niyo.

    Use PVC,or any plastics like PP that are not breakable. If you use stainless – stick to 316L. The Muck you are making is CANCEROUS! this is Chromium Hexavalent.

    Nuff said…

    oh yes, meron ngapala akong mga iba pang mga enhancements made with my electrical system and engine lubricity. HHO alone is ok for pollution reduction mainly, but for more reliable performance i use more tricks which is developed locally. Even the guys from EBN – tropa nila Zero, kumukunsulta din.

    There is no secret with open source technology. If you will do your search with google or youtube, you will know more.

    Just try to do everything for the right reasons.

    After all, we are only as good as the causes we are fighting for.

    for the DIYer’s Play it Safe please…

    I dont need to tell you about some experiences like people being brought to the hospital – cause of injury – hho explosion. I am not scaring you – this is a gas to be respected – flashback arrestor is not enough to do the job, you need blow up valves or blow up or build up relief system. (BBRS)tm you hear this here first.


    ehnriko’s last blog post..Biomass Gasifiers Downsides

  15. Latest feedback from the XRM-China clone I installed… 30% improved power. It has been running on a dead battery for some time, now, the battery seems to be charging a little again! thanks to Mr. X-Technology – my ignition enhancer and electrical enhancer seems to fixed any alternator/stator straining or draw issues. 🙂

    Inducing hho into the equation will of course have some effects but it can also affect; we therefore need to tweak where it affects and improve or enhance it in order for the engine to benefit more with the ‘effects’.

    Then – the whole bike or car for that matter becomes an entirely new equation. We just need to balance it out, find the equilibrium – this is where you have a good running vehicle without any draining issues but a more enjoyable ride without the guilt of killing the environment directly or indirectly.

    Killing the planet directly is by emmiting a high carbon footprint.

    Killing it indirectly is by producing Chromium Hexavalent and dumping it into the grounds.

    If you cannot stop the mucking problem, at least have some containers to contain them… the paint companies might be interested to buy it, they can use this for anti rust paints.

    No stones left unturned – this is the right approach in doing any experiment – always check for everything that comes out of it, its impact to the environment and to human safety.

    I hope this further enlightens everyone.

    Saving fuel is great! – but who cares about saving fuel if there’s no more planet to live into tomorrow?

    I am not promoting pure hho use – it’s too dangerous. You cannot control it when the engine has no vacuum yet. You can only use HHO safely if the vac pressure is twice greater than the electrolyzer pressure. – otherwise – dont even think of starting your engine with hho already present in the manifold… it can only be introduced SAFELY when the engine is already running. … then and only then will hho 100% will be possible.

    With regards to qty. there will never be enough BTU with dry hho, you need to inject water steam with plasma ignition.

    nuff said…

    ehnriko’s last blog post..Biomass Gasifiers Downsides

  16. one more thing ehnriko
    though you said dingel visited you
    what type of cell did he used
    brute force? just like a Bob Boyce
    coz i manage to replicate bob boyce 101 plate cell
    i order him the PWM he made and i follow exactly his guide
    i achieve 30LPM from a 100Amps alternator i used it to my multicab which roughly need approx 30LPM of HHO
    but i what i did is still i used gasoline to start then HHO will do the rest change my batt to 11plates
    couple of tuneups to timing change the whole CDI system with the platinu and also calibrate the distributor cap firing 5 Degrees after TOP Dead Center and still the i can go about 80KPH of full power running due to some drag over the TWO alternators..

  17. That’s a lot of load for the amps… I still prefer to go “Less is more approach”… Dont use Platinum- The Non-Resistor type will do better with Current Enhancers using ordinary coil. This is what happens when you are going in that direction – you will be needing too much hho -this is dangerous…. even dingel encounter many explosions while driving. dingel uses something similar to Meyer and TESLA… he uses a voltage exciter to enhance current into his cell. With pure HHO, I ran a 35 cc engine only… That was with a set up supplying 10LPM @12VDC under 30A. I am using a total of 63 plates only. I use Current Inductors in my electrical circuitry as well as circuit breakers. I am not an Electrical engineer so I have to self study some basics in order to set it up. I am afraid of using too much amps – unless I can harness the exhaust heat – which is my current focus.

    In order to have more BTU – I would suggest you put water injection – sepparate from your hho gas.

    Your hho gas will also be more stronger if you use an alkaline water in your bubbler… this will make it more ionized.

    Water injection in the form of mist must also be alkaline so it will be more ionized and not harmful to your engine. The plasma ignition will ignite this mist as it is even without hho… but hho will of course aid it.

    If you can install a GEET system – so much the better – but instead of putting mixed used oil in it, use only rain water.

    I can send you a plan for the GEET if you need it – unless you already have it.

    Where are you based?… You really put a lot of work in your project. I like that. 😀

    ehnriko’s last blog post..Biomass Gasifiers Downsides

  18. @ehnriko,

    i am from Philippines, i was before a sceptic with HHO
    but late 2005 was the first i stumble with it, and then so on
    i love the things that help save our environment but unfortunately some materials are not readily available here in our place specially where i am located now. I am in iligan city philippines here in Mindanao province. Daniel Dingel is in Luzon area. i haven’t seen him personally only in youtube.
    he dont share his thoughts with his project. Well i am a big Fan with HHO in EBN..
    Yes i am really exhausted with my project… my approach is with the amps and resonance.. but i didn’t get the sweet spot Boyce claims and sometimes i got a very loud bang LOL
    and most of the time i have a big problem with irregular RPM of the engine sometimes choke and stall… but anyway it is a good stepping stone.. now one really share me some ideas and basically i studied some and replicate and test…
    this is only my approach but anyway it is good rather than nothing… yes i really need to know about plasma ignition and some of the water injection mist.. my whole idea about HHO is not really strong coz due to some financial crisis here…but i still manage to get some time and some materials to be done. I dont know about GEET system yet, but i appreciate and honored if you can share me about it
    thanks and more power to you ehnriko..

  19. Hi Guys, I think HHO has no final report yet as to how much gas are we going to inject to our engine. Please note that HHO is not an ordinary gas. It explodes! The bigger the volume of gas, the powerful the explosion. Re: Enhriko, I agree with you adding separate vaporizer as with the proportional amount of water vapor plus HHO and Fuel would deliver would deliver a very powerful combustion. This means a lot savings on fuel. I already tried it to several engine. Than you and keep on experimenting..Pinoy tayo!

  20. I use the Croatian Helsinki Human Rights Committee, 1.5 amps, 150CC ATV motorcycle when I use 3.0 amps, I think the motorcycle power reduced

  21. @loukill what is you motorcycle capacity?
    i will give you an example
    if you are using 150cc you only need
    150milliliter per minute HHO output
    to gain efficiency
    if morethan that you will have to adjust you ignition timing

  22. Hi! Everybody. If all of you interest to Use real working HHO Gas that save 40-50% please contact our Myanma Alternative Energy System Group ( MAES )in Myanmar. The contact number is +9595117143. He is the best in myanmar. Small pick up can save near 72% in Highway. If you Are interest so just make a phone call. Our myanmar don’t have credit card system so we are no a hacker too. Our country is very safe. we only accept cash down. So… Just call it for save your energy.

  23. hi to all.meron p po bang bagong updates s researching po ksi how to build this new system for my motorcycle.tnx and regards

  24. mga bro pano ba ikabit ang mga wirings kung maglagay ako ng 12volt relay sa motor ko para gumana ang hho experiment ko.kasi diko alam kung saan ikakabit ang wirings. at gumagana ba ang hho kahit walang PWM yong pules with mudolator?. sana tulugnan nyo nmn ako mga bro gusto ko tlaga gumamit ng hho.

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