The advantage of giving away old clothes

One of the advantage of giving away old clothes is…FREE ADVERTISING!!!

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Two or three months ago, I gave some of my old clothes to this old man.

This old man lives alone on the side of a vacant establishment near my place.

One morning, after buying some stuffs from a nearby store, I got surprised to to see him wearing one of the shirt that I gave him. It’s pretty obvious bcoz my URL was printed at the back hehe.

I then hurriedly went home to get my camera to capture the moment. Good thing my battery still holds power or I couldn’t hold of this photo. Perfect timing! 😀

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I'm a guy who has passion on computers, internet, and motorcycles. I'm also into photography and trike drifting. See you around!

8 thoughts on “The advantage of giving away old clothes”

  1. Ayos Geri 🙂 Nakagawa ka na nang mabuti meron pang free advert. Btw..ano email mo para ma-send ko ung video nung motokhana. Kaya lang nakakahilo ha…hindi ako sanay magvideo eh.

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