Toughbook by Panasonic

Toughbook by Panasonic

Now that laptops and tablets are very trendy, especially that wi-fi hotspots are just around the corner. The only problem you might be considering is what’s the best thing to buy with your Christmas bonus… a laptop, a tablet or a womens boots for your lovey dovey.

With this new gadget out in the market it will definitely make you decide easier :). A laptop that converts into a tablet that Panasonic created, its called ToughBook,  which is mainly focused and designed for businessmen, but even ordinary people would be happy to use it. The company named the product CF-C1 model. Its slimmer, lighter and had more pleasing feature from other models, but it still has its own original laptop features.

Panasonic created the CF-C1 model to become an essential business partner for many great organizations. The tablet screen itself is a resistive touch screen, therefore allowing the user to use the laptop even without the help of a stylus, just  the forefinger will do, or even if the user is wearing a glove!

Another great feature is its swiveling screen that can turn and swivel in a single pivot point that allows conversion into an easy-handle tablet (check out the images above) and also, don’t worry about water spills either coz the laptop’s own keyboard is water proof!

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