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I’ve just received a mid-year bonus from my work, and was thinking of what will i buy or what do we need in our house. Aha! after thinking for a while, a DVD player pops in my mind. We still have our VCD player working fine, but most of my friends are now using DVDs. That’s why when I borrow vcd from them, their reply is “sorry but our vcd’s are quite old” , or “I have no vcd’s anymore, but I have new DVD titles  Do you want? Which obviously I can’t play with my VCD  player.

So after scouting for a nice and affordable DVD player. I finally found and bought a  Lexing DVD player. The price is very cheap, only P1,900, compare with other brands which maybe double the price or higher. It comes with a free microphone and a DVD Videoke with 500 songs worth P200. That’s not all. It also has 2 game controllers coz they also gave me a DVD with 300 games I can play with on tv. The player itself has a built-in FM radio with telescopic antenna and already 150 watts amplified . Plus  a 5.1 speaker support at the back and external speaker jacks. The saleslady said that they have models with USB support, but out of stocks that time.

And the best part is, it can read CDR, MP3, VCD, SVCD, PICTURECD or JPEG, and DIVX.

After having lunch at home around 12:30 pm,  I setup my new DVD player, unfortunately I don’t have DVD movies yet to watch. So we just play the Videoke DVD that came with the package. Yes, very nice reception on our 31” tv plus the sound is very loud and clear. Would you believe that my family and some friends, (who happened to dropby) sang the whole day!!! Bought some drinks and appetizers. I could say that we really had fun and was entertained. We finally called it a day and turned off the DVD player at around 1:00 am. 😀

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