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PnSers Camera Club

From now on, you would be seeing lots of post here on my blog regarding my new found group – PnSers Camera Club (PCC). This is what keeping me busy nowadays. Its actually a newly form club exclusively for users of point and shoot cameras (any brand of compact cameras or those with fixed lens) only.

The club started just a month ago with less than 10 members and its fast growing as of this date. 😀

Treat this post as an invitation to join our club. So if you got yourself a point and shoot camera and wants to mingle with other fellow enthusiasts, please dropby to our site at http://www.pnsers.com and see our beautiful and awesome shots from our members, learn tips and tutorials, join photowalks / photo challenges, and the best of all – experience our camera-derie. 😀

Geri Barcelona

Site Developer
Club President

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