Better bathroom solution


Well some may say it’s at the swimming pool, or their own library, but nah, let’s stick to a more common part of the house where many could relate to 🙂

Many may say its the living room, the garden, in their room?, but for an individual who seek to be alone, and take a break it is arguably the bathroom which is the most relaxing place in anybody’s house.

I would love to agree, but with the current situation of our bathroom/comfort room, there’s barely any more comfort left everytime I get in there. I wish this Christmas we could have any of those beautiful and luxurious looking (but not expensive) bathroom fixtures at which I often see online.

I used to relax in our bathroom too, I read newspaper as I spend time unloading :), and even take hours to enjoy the solitude. But as far as I remember it was decades ago, now our bathroom tiles begins to crack, the shower ain’t working anymore, and the worst of all, the toilet’s flush is busted whapakk!!!, so you there’s no way to utilize it it. It needs some major-major repair. Argggh!

Nah, I’ve changed my mind – its no wish anymore.. I’ll definitely tell dad to visit before the year ends! I’m sure they are the solution to our old and wrecked bathroom. I’ve heard they are on SALE and have a nationwide delivery service.

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  1. Like you bathroom also would be my favorite place in our home, it gives comfort and privacy, thats why it is really a great idea that we keep it always clean and more comfortable to be used.

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