T5 Calendar Model for 2011 is Iya Villania

Iya Villania T5 Calendar

Happy New Year guys! Most of us definitely want to start the year fresh by having all of the things in our home and even personal equipment kinda new. Well at home, as much as I wanted to make everything refurbish, the budget I had cannot suffice it, even our faucets are still jammed! (darn) :).

But there’s something I could and I would definitely change every year at home. Yeah I’m pretty sure you guys changed it as well ^_^.

Its our calendar (image above), its actually brought home by my dad. Yes we normally wouldn’t wish for a calendar as a gift on these special holidays such as Christmas and New Year. But I’ve got my jaw dropped after seeing the new Tanduay Five T5 calendar model (though anime characters or cosplayers is a big plus for me, who would disregard Iya’s charm!). Yeah it’s Iya Villania, a very sexy, pretty and promising female tv host which I’ve enjoyed watching ever since her first TV appearance on a game show in IBC-13 ^_^.

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