GY6 Engine Performance

Check this out guys. For those of you who had a GY6 engine here are some tips you can do to your engine. Personally, I already done one of the tips, and that is ELIMINATING AUTOMATIC CHOKE on my Geely. And I can say proudly, that I have done it successfully on one single attempt. I even adjust the air/fuel mixture just right. “Begginers Luck” maybe, but It sure put a great big smile on my face.

GY6 Scooter & Go Kart Engine Performance

A lot of Chinese made scooters and go karts are powered by a 150cc engine based on the Honda GY6 scooter engine design.  The GY6 engine with CVT (continuously variable transmission) has decent performance for it’s small 150cc engine displacement.  It surprising how well of a job a small 150cc GY6 engine can do at moving an adult around on a scooter or even a big go kart.  Of course, more power would always be nice, but considering the small displacement of this GY6 based 150cc engine, it really is impressive.  Even so, the GY6 can benefit from some modifications to increase performance.

The Honda GY6 based engine found in these scooters and go karts is like most any other internal combustion engine – in that it can benefit from some well directed modifications.  This is true of just about any mass produced engine which have compromises that are driven because of manufacturing restraints like time and cost.  These compromises usually limit efficiency and performance potential of an engine. Increasing air flow through an engine is the goal.  More air flow along with the appropriate amount of fuel will result in more power producing potential.  With that idea in mind, let’s look at some ways that the performance of GY6 engine can be increased. (full article…)


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