Break-in Period

Miah at Marilaque!Miah’s odometer reading finally reaches the 500km mark yesterday, after breaking-in her (soft 40-60Kph ride daily)for the past few weeks. Eagerness to know her real performance made me decide to gave Miah some taste of a hard break-in (uphill, downhill and full throttle). And its quite timely that Click_Me of MCP Forum had organized a fun ride to Marilaque to which I joined agad-agad hehe.

At the meeting place at Shell Marcos Highway I’ve met Henri, Jake Swann, LexDman, BulacanX1, Jake from Baliwag, Don Pangan and of course Click_Me. There are lots of bikers actually (from different groups) when I got there (more or less a 100). Good thing I’ve seen click_me photo’s on the internet before, it made it easier for me to find him among others.

And then were off. During the first phase of our ride. I admit I was a bit disappointed with Miah’s performance. “Lagi akong kulelat, as in hindi ako makasabay sa phasing“. Maybe I need more weight loss pills or maybe I still hasn’t woke up Miah’s oil that morning hehe.

Then another stopover at the Garden Cottages view deck. The groupCarina and the Bikers relax for a while, konting kodakan, stretching, at viewing the beautiful scenery. Then I saw a girl with a familiar face jogging infront of us. “She’s one of those pinays who conquered Mt.Everest” I exclaimed!. I’m talking about Carina Dayondon, who’s doing some endurance training that day at Marilaque. The riders got excited and began swarming on her as we all posed for some picture taking haha. Afterwards, we thanked and wish her goodluck to whatever her next challenge would be.

Engines roared again as our group headed to Pranjetto to have something for our growling tummy. I think that time I have awakened Miah! Her throttle becomes more responsive, even on high speed. I was hitting the curves at around 70 – 80kph, it even reaches 100kph on the straights! Wow! i’m overwhelmed at what becomes of Miah’s performance that I can’t helped but grin all throughout the ride. 😀

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  1. tnx bro. ngayon lang ulit ako nakatikim ng functioning na speedometer eh kaya kitang-kita ko takbo haha. Pero i’ve heard sabi nung iba minus 10 daw yata ang reading ng kph sa Mio. I dunno kung it’s true.

    Anyway, sbi nung umuwi kong neighbor galing jan sa Japan. Nagkalat daw big bike duon na para lang scooter dito sa atin sa dami. Meron ka na bang ride jan?

    geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..Break-in Period

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