Internet and the coming May 2013 Elections

For ordinary people, election time which is still half a year away may seem like a long time. But for would-be government officials, time is always gold. There is never a better time to announce your plan for candidacy and there is also never a better time to cut down on the competition. For the past few weeks, best free website builders and news websites have been flooded with articles on who is running for where, which celebrities decided to plunged head-first into political waters and which political aspiree happens to be killed or ambushed this early on in the game. It is still a good 9 months before the actual Philippine May 2013 elections, but if things are starting to get messy this early. I wonder just what the record will be come actual election time. How much “animalistic appeal” can this politicians show just for the sake of power?

Author: raredog

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