Picking a Laptop

my sturdy lappieLaptops today has gone smaller, lighter and a lot more cheaper. Being popularly known as notebook before, its now more distintively known as netbook or UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC). And for bloggers like me, portability is the name of the game. Just imagine, not only that its price has almost leveled with its cousin desktop but it definitely got more edge in terms of computing power and connectivity.

Battery life would be the first that I would look into, since I would literally be bringing it anywhere to blog, like malls, cafes, parks, even on top of trees. Since Im not power hungry, inferior processors and graphics would be just fine as long as it can handle word processing and simple graphic editing. Wi-Fi is a must for all my online work. Bluetooth would be nice but not necessary. An adequate storage for storing photos from my digital cam and some mp3.

So for me, a simple and not so high-tech laptop would do the job. But then again its just me. Of course there’s a lot of models to choose from, you just have to picked the right one for your needs.

Author: raredog

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