The secret of Cagbalete Island Revealed

Have you’ve been to Cagbalete Island? You probably witnessed how a pristine beach amazingly turns into a desert and vice-versa in just a few hours.


Well the secret of how this magnitude phenomenon happened was accidentally discovered by my friend while strolling along Cagbalete desert. While drinkin Empelayt, he was also busy looking for some starfish to bring home as ornaments to his house. When he suddenly stepped on what it looks like a giant kitchen hole, which he thinks the one responsible for the draining of the beach. He immediately called me to took photos of his rare find and blatantly show it to the whole world!


Of course this was all a HOAX! Happy April’s Fool! 😆

Author: raredog

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One thought on “The secret of Cagbalete Island Revealed”

  1. What kind of a dumbass post is this? Yeah its an april fools joke but this just utterly stupid. Do something better with you life other than creating websites/blogs. This is a piece of shit!!!

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