Paul Walker – You have a spot in the heart of the Filipinos

I was having lunch while watching television when the news about the car crash and eventually the death of my favorite Hollywood actor Paul Walker appears.


It was a surprising news alright but still I don’t easily absorbed it, knowing he’s a good driver based from his portrayal as the cool and debonair ex-cop Brian O’ Conner of the epic saga The Fast and The Furious. Another thing maybe its just one of those attention-getter hoax kinda news that’s quite common nowadays on the internet.


But to my great sadness I discover its definitely true as number of his fans in the social media was mourning and weeping to his loss.


And with this video (dated Nov.22) showing him and the cast of Fast and Furious asking for support for the victims of Yolanda, particularly the Philippines , I just found myself in tears for this great man and actor. I have 101 respect for you man!


Thank You for all the awesome movies you made! You may not be a pinoy but I assure you, you have a spot in the heart of the Filipinos.


May you Rest In Peace Paul Walker

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