Going Loco with GoPro


Its easy to get loco with this cute camera because even at its small size it has lots of features to offer! Its also handy and can shoot to almost any angle you can think of. You just have to be creative because this camera has gone where every other cameras have not. 😀

gopro diy lens hood


I just did a DIY LENS HOOD out of a rubber bushing which I found on my neighbor’s auto shop. The diameter is much bigger than the GoPro lens, so I cut a small portion, then glued both ends to fit well into the GoPro lens. The lens hood not only protects the lens from sudden camera drop but also produces a beautiful vignette on my photos as you can see below. But of course I can easily removed it if I wanted to. 😀




One of the great features of GoPro that I have found out recently was the BURST MODE. Now shooting a jump shot (above photo) can be done in just one click, no more mistakes haha! My settings here is 12MP – 10/1 Wide – Remote Shutter


This shot I made (from my mobile phone) when I stopped at a crossing while filming the video below.


My very first long video using my GoPro happened last December, during our barkada’s reunion.


and my latest wacky video of myself while driving and singing “Bring that Booty” by my rap duo idols, MastaPlann 😀



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