For a better Baguio City

Before ALL is gone…..there is hope to restore previous grandeur… Everyone who has gone to SAGADA, PULAG, IFUGAO,and other places in the Cordillera — will notice that BAGUIO has LOST its CHARM–it is crowded, it is polluted, water is scarce, it is full of squatters even in the watershed areas and it is HOT.

Before ALL is gone…..there is hope to restore previous grandeur… Everyone who has gone to SAGADA, PULAG, IFUGAO,and other places in the Cordillera — will notice that BAGUIO has LOST its CHARM–it is crowded, it is polluted, water is scarce, it is full of squatters even in the watershed areas and it is HOT.

The pine trees are so choked with smog. Session Road is no longer leisurely cool walk — it’s like being in Cubao (okey – exaggeration but i really hate the billboards up there — it’s so cluttered, an eyesore).Hopefully Sagada won’t follow suit—but it’s getting to be commercial up there too. Maybe by signing up, you will help RECLAIM BAGUIO’s lost beauty and stop the degradation of all the other places we all love in the Northern region–so, how about signing this petition? PETITION for BAGUIO CITY:

We believe that the City of Baguio is culturally, environmentally and aesthetically unique and different from other cities in the Philippines. We believe that Baguio is the nerve center of our rich and diverse cultures: the Filipino culture in general, the highland Cordilleran culture, the lowland Ilocano culture, and the heritage culture brought about by the Americans during the early 20th Century.We believe that in the past two decades, the City of Baguio has experienced a substantial degradation of its unique culture, environment and art. We believe that the approval of certain politicians with no respect for the aesthetics and the environment of Baguio to put up concrete structures such as malls, overpasses and flyovers only worsens Baguio City’s lamentable decay as a “City of Pines.”We believe that this overdevelopment resulting in pollution has to stop.We believe that due to its unique history and blend of cultures, Baguio can be to the Philippines as Barcelona is to Spain, Chiang Mai is to Thailand, and San Francisco is to the United States: a main center of arts, culture, philosophy, education, tourism, sustainable development and environmental awareness.We believe, therefore, that the City of Baguio deserves to be declared a “Special Heritage Zone,”so that the degradation brought about by overdevelopment can be minimized and gradually controlled. We believe that Baguio City’s heritage as a center of culture and environmental awareness is a valuable asset not just to the Philippines, but also to the world.We now respectfully call on the residents of Baguio and the Filipino people to sign this humble petition, and for the local and national government concerned to implement and declare Special Heritage status on this unique mountain City as soon as possible, preferably before the Baguio Centennial in 2009, so no further destruction on its limited cultural, environmental and aesthetic resources may continue.Please add your name to the list and send this message to as many people as possible. Please do not just click “forward”– Instead highlight the text and copy onto a new message box. Thank you! to prevent spam mails ALSO SEND this as BCC to your friends

1. Cristina Bejar Gallardo
2. Maximino M. Bejar
3. Monserrat M. Bejar
4. Minette Cruz-Soriano
5.Jaja Mendoza
6. Jaime B. Antonio Jr., Local Government Academy
7. Augusto Villalon, Heritage Conservation Society
8. Rene Luis S. Mata, Heritage Conservation Society
9. Gemma Cruz-Araneta, Heritage Conservation Society
10. Fernando Nakpil-Zialcita, Heritage Conservation Society
11. Leon Cruz Araneta, Heritage Conservation Society
12. Peter Allan R. Bontuyan, Heritage Conservation Society
13. Verna Mamicpic-Alih, Siquijor Heritage Foundation, Inc.
14. John L. Silva, Heritage Conservation Society
15. Sony K. Ng, Museum Volunteers of the Phils.
16. Jack Sotto, Makati City
17. Rizzo Regis-Tangan, Las Pinas
18. Robby S, de Silva – Campaigns and Grey Phils.
19. jigs javier – Alabang
20. Gloria Roca – Makati
21. Yvonne de Paula – Makati City
22. Margarita L. Emmanuel – California, USA
23. Ming Roxas – Quezon City
24. Vinc ent MB Pinpin – Quezon City
25. Alvin Lim – Quezon City
26. Lizette Yulo – Paranaque
27. Meg Isleta – Makati City
28. Dabong Isaac * BAGUIO CITY
29. Dina Marie B. Delias – Baguio City
30. Issur Olairez – Baguio City.
31. Harris Co – General Trias, Cavite
32. Stella Milanes – Adelaide, Australia
33. Veronica Simbol – Canberra, Australia
34. Gigi Manuel – Baguio City, Philippines
35. Bessie Oliva- Sydney, Australia
36. Kathleen C. Palasi-Eyeasia, Philippines
37. Gia Ll. Atienza – Quezon Province, Phil.
38. Aris Cari”o – Abra
39. Zaldy L. Lamsis, Baguio City
40. Cecille Soltura-Mandaluyong city, Philippines
41. Ariel Dalisay – Mandaluyong City, Philippines
42. Richar d A. S. Grimaldo – Mandaluyong City,
43. Maria Cristina V. Turalba – UAP Sentro ng Arkitekturang Pilipino
44. Issa Avendano – UAP Sentro ng Arkitekturang Pilipino
45.Benedict Hermoso – UAP Internal Affairs
46. Odessa Tango – UAP Sentro ng Arkitekturang Pili pino
47. Adrian Hope Pedroso – UAP Sentro ng Arkitekturang Pilipino
48. Antonio A.Turalba – Active Group Inc.
49. Lena Lubi – Active Group Inc
50. Dorothy Lucasan – Active Group Inc
51. Imee Seprado – Active Group Inc
52. Bobby Manasan – Virginia, USA
53. Erlinda W. Taylor LA, CA
54. Ofelia R. Sta.Ana – Parannaque City,
55. Amy Puno, Makati City
56. Ma.Corazon G.. Fajardo, Mandaluyong City
57. Ma. Leonora A. Valmonte
58. Tesa Valmonte-Geronimo
59. Geenette M. Garcia
60. Chris Domil O. Cobacha, Muntinlupa City
61. Ma. Teresita A. Cobacha, Muntinlupa City
62. Ma.Rovilla C. Sudaprasert, Bangkok, Thailand
63. Maria Rona C. Reyes, Los Banos, Laguna
64. Connie N. Rey, Bacoor, Cavite
65. Isadelle H. Reyes – BiÃƔan, Laguna
66. SAM Marasigan – Bahay Kalakal
67. Myrna Guevara
68. Celso dela Paz
69. Pete Bernardo, Pasig City
70. Milagros Roa,Mandaluyong City, Phils.
71. Eugenio A. Enriquez, San Juan Metro Manila
72. Anna Marie C. Cabatu, Pasig City
73. Leslie Ann B. Cariaga, Pasig City
74. Marnelli M. de Ocampo, Marikina City
75. Cheche Zapanta – Taytay, Rizal – Phils.
76. Lilian Villa – Cavite
77. Cora Sanchez – Rizal
81. Eric Babao – Quezon City
82. Jin-Jin Babao – Quezon City
83. Veyon B. Calinawan – Quezon City
84. Teresita S. Castillo (Tessam) – Taguig
85. Mayvelyn B. Remigio, Quezon City
86. Macel Aguilar-Kalookan City, Phil
87. Adora Pascual Carpio-Nicolas – Hawaii, USA
88. Precy Platon-Tica -Manila, Philippines
89. Claire O. Esteban – UPISSI, Diliman, Quezon City
90. Theresa A. O. Esteban – UP Diliman, Quezon City
91. Emmanuel Ikan Astillero – Phil Institute of
Environmental Planners
92. Eve L. Magnata – Asian Social Institute, Manila
93. Victoria V. Rialp – Quezon City
94. Loue lla Rialp – Lufthansa
95. Tina Nepomuceno-Di Cicco, Hong Kong
96. Rufina R. Millan, Hong Kong
97. Carla O. Cruz, Hong Kong
98. Glenna G. Aquino,Makati City
99. Lynn Cruz – Intramuros, Manila
100. Leslie Ann Murray – American Chamber
101. Joan Orendain – Orendain & Associates
102. Bambi L. Harper- Filipino Heritage Festival Inc./Inquirer
103. Mert Loinaz – Makati
104. Margot Mañosa – Makati
105. juliet Siytangco – Quezon city
106. Jane Sarte – California, USA
107. Lu Gaerlan – California, USA
108. Roland Alcantara – California, USA
109. Gideon Omero – Baguio City
110. Cynthia Remiendo Maslian – Baguio City
111. Rosemarie A. Diaz – Baguio City
112. Elizabeth Aurelia Salango- Gonzales- Baguio City
113. Edward Thaddeus V. Gonzales- Baguio City
114. Charles Rabara – Vigan, Ilocos Sur
115. Monching Amores – San Jose, California
116. Irene S. Amores – Legazpi City
117. Pedro Camilo Moreno – Naga City
118. Jo se A. Adolfo, Jr. – Canaman, Camarines Sur
119. Carlito B. Balingbing – Los Ba񯳬 Laguna
120. Rochelle B. Bonagua — New Manila, Quezon City
121. Mary An A. Tang – Makati City
122. Agnes Curtis – UK, Eastbourne
123. Angie Nanglihan – Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK
124. Bernadette Golocan-Dimas- — Como, Italy
125. Myrna Ingosan , Baguio City
126. Grace D. Ingosan – Solano – Baguio City
128. Ailene I. Alafag – Baguio City
129 Margie B. Agaled – Dornod, Mongolia
130. Ela Victoria F. Sarmago – Quezon City
131. Rizalene F. Velacruz – Quezon City
132. Deanie Lyn Ocampo – Quezon City
133. Violeta C. Imperial – Las Pinas City
134. Sinag A.S. de Leon-Amado -Women’s Media Circle U.P. Mountaineers
135. Luisa (Aguilar) Igloria – Old Dominion University,
136. Jennifer Patricia A. Carino – Baguio City
137. Angela Blardony Ureta – Makati City
138. Wawi Navarroza – Taguig City
139. Miren Facul tad – Makati City
140. Vic Facultad – Makati City
141. goo simpliciano – Quezon city
142. Higgy Simpliciano – Palawan
143. Bernardo M. Soriano, Jr. – PAGASA, DOST, Q.C.,
144. Anna Bella Siriban-Manalang
145.. Raquel Chua – Manila/Tarlac City,
146. Ritchie Chua – Tarlac City,
147. Eva E. Gabon – Malate, Manila
148. Lolita A. Abonitalla – Sta. Mesa, Manila
149. Reynaldo B. Ame
150. Mharra M. De Mesa – San Pablo City, Laguna
151. Jose S. Redor, UAP- Quezon City
152. Romeo V. Saguisag – Pasig City
153. Lilimay R. Manalo – Pasig City
154. Monina Ra̱eses РDept. of Tourism-National Capital Region
155. Dolly Alvarado – Dept. of Tourism-National Capital Region
156. Rosechell C. Gamir – Accenture – Cybergate, Mandaluyong City
157. Fidel A. Rapisura – eperformax – Makati City
158. Dr. Edwin Chinel Monares, Global Reciprocal College, Caloocan City and SAVE ME Movement, Inc.
159. Josephine Carino Turner- Atlanta, Georgia , USA
160. pet furing-House of Rep. Quezon City
161. Melody B. Grecia – Irosin, Sorsogon
162. Arcie B. Grecia – Irosin, Sorsogon
163. Garry N. Viajante – Los Banos, Laguna
164. Melany Grecia-Viajante – Los Banos, Laguna
165. Reinald del Valle – Calauan, Laguna
166. Virnel R. Ventura – Makati City, NCR
167. Annalie N. Ventura- Makati City, NCR
168. Ma. Melissa T. Gamboa – Makati City
169. Freddie O. Gamboa – Makati City
170. Ria Gamboa – Makati City
171. Lui Gamboa – Makati City
172. Carmencita Crosier – Akron, Ohio USA
173. Guillermo V. Gaspar – Bensalem, PA USA
174. Maria Luisa L. Vibora – Canlubang, Calamba City
175. Florencio C. Tolentino – Port Moody, B.C., Canada
176. Marvin Emmanuel I. Nuevo – Calauan, Laguna
177. Benjy Leoncio – California, USA
178. Melvin B Punzalan – Singapore
179. Khingg Castaneda – Quezon City ( previous resident )
180. Noel Castaneda – Quezon City
181. Anna Castaneda – Batangas City
182. Janice Gacusan
183. Grace Rodriguez
184. Alexander Policarpio
185. AR Policarpio
186. Jay Burt Policarpio
187. Nicolai Vincent Policarpio
188. Abbie Ramos
189. Noli S. Vizcocho – PICE Baguio City
190. Belette N. Vizcocho – UAP Baguio City
191. Jackie N. Vizcocho – Baguio City
192. Jill N. Vizcocho – Singapore
193. Jenette N. Vizcocho – Ermita, Manila
194. Joana N. Vizcocho – UP Diliman
195. Josef N. Vizcocho – Baguio City
196. Ernie Zarate – Baguio/Quezon City
197. Michael Ang- UAP Socsksargen
198. Jasmin Jewel Josef – Baguio Born
199. Jade Joyce Josef – Been to Baguio x times
200. Delia Damasco Josef – Baguio Bred
201. Sixto K. Roxas, Maximo T. Kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development
202. MALU A. AFABLE  – Malate, Manila
203. Henrietta “Bonjin” Bolinao – North Syquia, Malate
204. Ma-an Hontiveros – Maximo T. kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development
205. Sian Lagdameo-Legarda – Alabang
206. Manuel Legarda -Alabang
207. Gabbie de la Rama-Talan– Quezon City
208. Mr. and Mrs. Paul & Nina Poblador — Kusina Salud San Pablo Laguna
209. Jo Adaya – Antipolo City
210. Carlo C. Gonzal – Binangonan, Rizal
211. Geri Barcelona – Been there! Lived there! Work there! I love Baguio! Cainta, Rizal
212. Ivan Fenphedra – Foreigner ?

Join the petition by adding your name to the list.
Then copy all and paste it on a new compose email and send it to your friends.

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2 thoughts on “For a better Baguio City”

  1. Baguio City which once was called the City of Pines is now a Holy Mess! What happened to the pine trees? Can Zoning be improved? There is a lot to do for Baguio. Traffic has to be studied and improved. Pedestrian sidewalks should be created and maintained for people who love to walk in such a beautiful mountain top.
    We lived in Baguio in the late 1940’s and spent a beautiful life there during my childhood. Is it possible to bring back the beauty of the mountain top? More trees should be planted to remove the choking fumes of the traffic mess. Walking should be promoted for a wellness lifestyle for people who visit. Peace and order should reign in Baguio City. I was there last April and saw a mugging at midnight when one group of drunken men met a man with his girlfriend on the street and started beating him up. Sad….

  2. The Goverment of Baguio is doing nothing to avert the environmental crisis up there. Baguio needs to take bold steps to get it up on its feet. Why not be the first City to benefit from energy using either carbon waste to generate electricity instead of looking for dumping sites if configured correctly there will be also zero emmissions. Also Baguio needs some H20 purifying plants and introduction of the bikes to reduce C02 emmissions. Sadly all the Dads of City Hall is money which Baguio already has why earn more when you have nothing to put the money to.

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