How I gauged if the fork oil inside the tubes were balanced

Riding on a free-hand or no-hander from time to time is my usual routine whenever my hands are numb or tired specially when I go for a long ride. That’s when I’ll just shake my hands just to loosened it up a bit or rest it both on top of my tank for a while.

Recently, I can no longer go no-handed on Enzy (my Yamaha SZ16 motorbike). As soon as I go no-handed the steering wobbles right away and it really bothers me a lot since I do it (no-handed) regularly.

I told my son Dek about it since he got more knowledge on fixing motorbikes. He immediately look at my bike. No need for an auto lift he just utilize the center stand and look at the front of it. He instantly saw an oil leak on both tubes of my bikes fork.

For the solution, he disassembled the fork assembly, pour out the used oil, replaced the oil seal and poured in new fork oil in the same amount on both tubes.

The result, as you can see on my video, Iā€™m effortless doing no-hander again. šŸ˜€

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