Raredrone first flight with a GoPro

Everybody in their life wishes they can fly like a bird or like Superman but of course its just a dream and nothing of those two can happen, although nowadays anybody can mimick them by flying drones and attaching a camera to simulate like you were the one flying when you watch your video afterwards. There is also an option to view it on real time by attaching an FPV system (First Person View). You can view it on your monitor as it fly. Cool isn’t it!


I recently acquired a Tarantula X6, a mid-size toy quadcopter, (named it Raredrone) as an early Christmas gift for myself, unfortunately it has no FPV but still wattah great time it gives me, my kids and friends, not to mention I found new acquaintances from this hobby! I found out lotsa bikers like me love this hobby too haha!

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I’m still a newbie and I know my drone will endure a lot more crashes before my hands will feel relaxed with the controller and fly the quad flawlesslly . But as of now I will savor the joy that it brings! Goodluck to Raredrone and my GoPro sana tumagal sila sa akin haha!

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