Websaytko.com scored PR3 again

My site pagerank is again at PR3!

What a f**kin surprise really! I wasn’t expecting it would go higher after being PR0 for so longggg. But seriously and some bragging,  my site websaytko.com has scored PR4 two times already in the past. That was the time when I had nothing to do but continuous blogging and my keyboard slides just about anything under the sun and of course a little bit of SEO’s at the background. Kaya nagulat ako today after I’ve checked my domain appraisal at the reliable www.freevaluator.com that my site is again at PR3 and with an estimated value of $ 4,749.89! Watdapakk!!!

I feel sorry lang about the recent news that Google will finally remove PageRank scores from public view in the coming weeks. Kung kelan naman ako naging PR3 haha! But anyway, sana matuloy yung pagbenta ko sa blog ko dun sa bigtime kong buyer hehe.

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