My first youtube video

I’ve just woke up one morning, and was checkin my email when I heard Sean outside shouting (or was it singing???) I go outside and Yup! it was Sean who was making the noise, hehehe, he put an umbrella (upside-down) infront of him, and the handle served as his microphone, while playing his toy guitar and shouting as if he was Kid Rock (literally).

I immediately look for my camera, I have to capture that moment, fortunately there is still power on my rechargeable battery. But it still won’t last a minute, I manage to record 3 movie clips and save them all in one movie using Movie Maker.




Sean Kirk test his new guitar he got as a present from his recent birthday.  😀

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I'm a guy who has passion on computers, internet, and motorcycles. I'm also into photography and trike drifting. See you around!

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