Flat Tire Misery

flat tire

If we only have brought the right tools and extra tube for our tires during our trip, maybe we wouldn’t be stranded on the quiet town of Apalit, Pampanga for almost 3 hours. My ride buddy Nhokie got a rear flat tire at about 9pm. Lucky for us that a vulcanizing shop is just a stone throw away. But nfortunately it was already closed. Funny thing is when we looked around, there’s lots of vulcanizing shop from both sides of the road, but just the same, they were all closed haha.

We just utilized what we have on our motorcycles. Good thing I had brought some bicycle cold patch and an air pump. Getting the tube out of the rim is just to agonizing as we were both a hapless first timer here. I have never fixed a flat tire by myself on the road, I always brought it to a vulcanizing shop near my place, where air tools are the common tool they used.

After successfully applying the cold patch. We hit the road again. Only to stop after a few kilometers as the tire depleted again. Maybe because of numerous punctures. I think we have rode, stopped and applied cold patch for three times until we found a 24 hour vulcanizing shop at about 12am! And that’s when our misery ends haha 😀

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