Amazing Things You Can Keep In Your Refrigerator (Besides Food)

Your refrigerator is an ideal storage place for a whole array of nonfood items, say consumer experts

CAMERA FILM – for instance, will often stay fresh beyond its expiration date it it’s kept in the refrigerator.

CANDLES – won’t wilt and lose their shape in hot weather if refrigerated, and if they’re stored for 24 hours or more in the fridge, they won’t drip when burned.

CLOTHING – that has been ruined by chewing gum can be saved if it’s placed in the freezer compartment. This will turn the gum brittle and make it easy to remove with knife.

LIPSTICK – will hold its shape longer if refrigerated, and lipstick that’s melted can be reshaped after its chilled.

HAIR COLORING PRODUCTS – lose some of their effectiveness in hot weather, but you can prolong their life by refrigerating them.

TULIP BULBS – will remain dormant until planting time if they’re kept in the fridge. Its best to chill them for 60 days at 40 degrees before planting.

Both FLOWER and VEGETABLE SEEDS will stay fresh longer it they’re stored inside a jar in the refrigerator.

CIGARETTES – stay fresher and FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES keep longer when refrigerated.

Refrigerator storage will also help PERFUME and COLOGNE retain their fragrance longer. It firms up SOFT SOAP and prevents SHOE POLISH from drying out and hardening.

(From The Matthean Gazette – San Mateo Philippines – Tom Ramirez )


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Here’s a photo of our class, with our lecturer having a birthday blowout inside our room in MTC Marikina.

Contributed by: Marjonelle