Planning ahead for vacation

With the release of the 2013 calendar indicating the regular and special holidays, it is now again time to stare at that employee attendance calendar and plan that annual grand vacation with your family, loved ones or even your bestest of friends. Go visit the Pinatubo, visit the longest zipline in Cagayan de Oro, go spelunking in the caves of Sagada or do the amazing race style by trying to visit as many provinces in day while sampling their best dishes for an amazing gastronomic experience. Either way make 2013, a fruitful and memorable experience right from the very start.


Have moles on your foot? LETS TRAVEL!

In the year 2013, one of the many new year resolutions that I have made is to increase my travels, be it local or international. It is believed that a person with moles on the feet really love to travel or will have lots of opportunities to travel and in my case, that just might be true. Wouldn’t it be nice to have personalize postcard printing done on any occasion that features you and all the wonderful places you’ve been to? To share your experiences with friends and families and encourage them to do the same. Have moles on foot? DO TRAVEL!

Perfect holiday outfit

It’s a season of parties and if you are like half of the population, you are also looking for that perfect holiday outfit that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Bazaars and night markets of every size and every type of budget has been sprouting out all over the city. Whatever you are looking for in an outfit, be it a slinky gold dress, ski boots, cowboy spurs or cosplay costume, you name it they usually got it or something like it. There is no reason to break the bank just to look great this holiday season.