Missed Belly Dancing

I kind of miss belly dancing. Oh wait, I’ll rephrase that… I really missed belly dancing. It’s like one of the best workouts I ever had when I was studying it, way back when I had a gym membership (that and yoga). Unfortunately, ever since my mom canceled my membership, I stopped. And it’s a real shame, since I actually felt like I was pretty good at it.

I actually had to research it too. It turns out that bellydance and yoga are some of the top fat burners for women my size… you know, the extra fluffy size. Not to mention that both exercises are good training for the one another. Yoga is good for belly dance, and belly dance is good for yoga, since they target the right muscles in improving postures for both.

Hmm… now that I think about it, maybe I should get my yoga mat back out from my closet. Yoga is great for home exercise, since you don’t need any heavy equipment. All you need is a yoga mat and some comfy clothes and you’re good to go.

Actually, you also need someone who thinks it’s not funny when you do yoga. That’s what I need anyway. Having someone around the house laughing her butt off while you do a downward dog is a real pain when you’re working out.

Newark Landmarks

Are you familiar with Newark NJ? As I google around the net, I found out that in the year 1666 Newark is the largest and the oldest city in New Jersey and has population like 281,402 which makes it the largest municipality in NJ. Newark is divided into 5 wards, North, South, West, East, and Central ward. For those who have passion in history, Newark today is home to beautiful landmarks and historical sites, for example is St. Joseph Plaza, Sydenham House, Newark International Airport, Subway, Branch Brook Park, Ballantine House, 80 park plaza and more! Quality Medical care can also be found in the city wherein numerous physicians are handling numerous specialties that are available to serve you. If you are looking for a place to stay? Maybe you can consider Hilton Penn station and Crown Plaza hotel, nice amenities and very affordable. The place is which is a half mile from Newark Liberty International Airport.

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Views in New York

New York by nightWant to see some New York City Attractions? I went to New York last year, and I suggest you go to Bloomingdale for shopping, it is great value for money and much more affordable than Saks. I also love the Empire State Building, and try and go at night time cause the views are so fantastic at night and it is less busy, if try during the day like i did you cue for over an hour. You will love New York, there is so much to do, at first you will think you can walk every block as you will be looking at the views of the very tall buildings, but then your legs will begin to hurt so you will have to get a cab. If you have time i would look round Toys R Us too, because the T-Rex that was filmed in Jurassic Park is in there, and that’s amazing. In the GM building on the 65Th floor, there is a beautiful restaurant called the Rainbow room. It is VERY expensive, but just to go once it is wonderful! There is a dress code so women need dresses and men need a suit. Also, there is a wonderful opera house in Lincoln Square. My personal recommendation for seeing an opera is an opera called Tosca. I don’t know if it’s still showing, but it is wonderful. Another place to go is the top of the Empire State building during the night. It looks beautiful and also the site of the Manhattan Skyline. Happy travel!