My Be-Rare Trike Resurrection 2020

Nag hibernate din ng matagal-tagal itong motorized trike ko gawa ng mejo naging busy sa ibang bagay, nawindang ako sa stroke at siyempre nagka pandemic pa. Kya ayun matagal tagal ding natengga.

Finish the video nasa last part kse ako haha!

Until last Saturday ng maisipan namin ng anak kong si Dek na i-revive sya! Sinimulan sa baklas lahat muna (rear axle and tires, fork and front wheel, body frame, bucket seat and of course yung makina), then linis lahat ng all that grimes, dirt and oils. Tapos a simple paint job on the frame and handle bar.

Sa engine naman linis carb, linis chain, palit spark plug, change oil at tune up. Sa tune up mejo natagalan itono kase we need to check pa its valve clearance at siempre nga matagal din kse nde nagamit.

Overall bandang hapon na kami natapos on the second day ng aming pagre revive.

Resurrected and good to drift na sya again 100%. Thank God!!!

Testing the Relive App on my LG V10

I was amazed by my friend Relive video he shared on Facebook that’s why I couldn’t resist on downloading it on Google Playstore and installing it right away on my LG V10 Android phone to test it!

Here’s my video

I was a bit hesitant at first because I’ve read the app is made for bikers, runners, hikers, skiers, etc… and since I’m a stroke patient I can’t do any of those anymore except to drive my car Karyas hehe. But still I installed it and found out later that there’s an option to use it for driving also haha!

My verdict. Its an amazing and wonderful app! Two thumbs up! Wag lang madi-discover ng mga selosa at tamang hinalang mga misis, kundi lagot si mister, if you know what I mean haha! 🙂

Catch and Throw Exercise for your grip | Stroke Patients

I have included this simple exercise to my daily routine. All you need is a rock. Why rock? Because it has a rough surface that my paralyzed hand can easily grip and its weight of around half kilo can strengthened my arm muscle too! Just be on the lookout when you fail to catch it bcoz it can easily injured your foot.