Botica Con-girl in Greenpark

I almost do the zumba dance after knowing I got shortchanged by this dishonest sales clerk of a botica somewhere in Greenpark.

This is how the story goes…

It just happened that I have two 100 peso bill on my pocket. The first 100 bill left my pocket when I gas up my ride. Then I went to a this botica to buy a couch syrup for my stubborn cough. The sales clerk is kinda jerky as I order the cough syrup. She ask, tell and brag anything about this cough syrup, saying something like (Sir hiyang ba sa inyo ito? Mabisa ito at mura pa!, Eto ba madalas nyong bilhin? etc…)

After nodding to all that she says. She finally hand it over to me then I paid her with my remaining 100 bill. She saw me having difficulty reading the brand name (because at that time I’m not wearing my eyeglass).

Afterwards she came forward while I was still figuring out the brand name and hand over my change. I got surprised that its only P13 pesos when the cough syrup only cost P37 pesos. She should have gave me P63.I asked her hurriedly about my incorrect change which she likewise quickly reacted by displaying a P50 peso bill she blatantly stretched with her two hands. “Sir this is what you gave me!” she said. I’m kinda startled of her quick reaction (nakuha ako sa biglaan) and at the same time confused with what she says, I still nod and told her OK. But deep in my mind, I know there’s something wrong here.

Its only on my way home that I realized I was deceived by that botica sales clerk at Greenpark.

The fact that;

  1. I only have 100 peso bill
  2. The P50 she was holding was supposed to be included on my change from my P100 (P63 dapat pero yung P13 lang inabot nya)
  3. Let’s just say that the P50 bill is mine. She goes to the cash register, got my P13 pesochange, then came back to me still holding the P50? Isn’t that kinda weird?
  4. She’s a real mean con-girl so BEWARE!!!!

I decided to go back, but wattaheck, pamasko ko na lang sa kanya yun! 😡

Not jolly anymore!

Who would be happy with this kind of service? I’m hosted with them for a year now and submitting ticket/s has somehow became my ordinary task! You know the usual hosting problems (changing servers, IP address, accessing etc..) a bit annoying, but its ok, still tolerable. Although my partners were suggesting way way back to transfer to another (much more reliable) host.

But this time t’was was really OUTRAGEOUS!!! I’m really really dissappointed and fed up! Imagine waking up in the morning only to found out that all my websites (I got 5)  were TOTALLY wiped-out online!

Here’s the scenario.

Two days prior to the WIPED-OUT thing. I recieve a billing invoice for my account. Its a 1-month bill instead of my usual billing for a 6-month (semi-annual)package.  Mind you, I’ve just paid them last month! Ok, then I emailed them back to correct my billing cycle. On which they responded with

“Thank you for contacting us.

I already corrected your package’s billing cycle, and canceled your current monthly invoice as well. :)”

So I thought everything was ok now. Then the next day after, came another email from them again. It came during the wee hours of the morning when I was sleeping, around 3am. I usually open my email at around 8 or 9am.

Here’s their email.

This is a notification that your service has now been suspended. The details of this suspension are below:


Amount: Php###.00

Due Date: 03/23/2010

Suspension Reason: Overdue on Payment

How in h3ll did I get a suspension, when I’ve just recently paid them my dues???

Ok, I emailed them back, and here’s their response

We’re very sorry. I didn’t noticed that your account’s expiration was set to 03/23/2010, instead of 03/23/2011. In that case, our system automatically terminated your account the moment our cron did its job.

I furiously emailed them back and asked them to restore my account immediately for I got deadlines to beat!

their reply

If you are not able to provide a backup at this time, I think it would be best if we’ll put a splash page on your main index so your visitors won’t think that your website was gone/closed. Is that okay with you?

I am extremely sorry for this. I will see to it that your account will get an extension or a rebate to give way for this issue. We hope you understand.

I told them my I got no recent backups for my sites, and they reply

Since you are not subscribed to any backup plan, we do not hold any backup of your account. So we can only restore your account through a file which you will be sending to us. I am sorry.

BS! Can you see that! All along they know that I’m not subscribe to their backup plan, and yet they suspend my account immediately (for just a meager amount..WTF!!!) without bothering on contacting me first?! What happen to all my contact information (mobile phone…etc..)  on my profile? What’s the use of that? And besides, I don’t know of any backup plans they have in the first place!

Ok, all my sites are gone, deadlines aren’t met, time is wasted and moolah’s gone into air, and that’s all they can do, say sorry. It’s obviously their mistake! Isn’t it? whatever happen to customer CARE?? That’s final! I’m changing host bcoz I’m not jolly with them anymore!

Motorcycle Parking Discrimination

Im sure lot of regular motorcycle riders at this mall would feel the same way  I did today. I was about to park to my favorite spot when I’ve noticed that there seems to be no motorcycle anywhere? Both on the gutter and at the balcony. This is usually the spot where riders can park their bikes for free.

I decided to made a U-turn and go to their paid parking which is around 500-600 meters from the free parking. I approached the parking teller and told him my plate number as I usually does. On which he responded by saying “Sir hindi po dito ang entrance, dun po sa kabila” A bit shock and irritated since I have to circle again for another half kilometer,  I replied “Dito ako lagi dumadaan papasok ah?! To which he just shrugged.

“Walandyo! Magbabayad ka na nga ayaw ka pang papasukin, samantalang sandamakmak ang kotse, van at AUV’s around the mall na naka-park ng libre eh ok lang?! Hayy!”

I instead leaved the place and rode to the next mall, then bought the things I needed hassle-free! If you live from the East Side you’ll probably know this mall which is near a former president highway.