kaka-loka contest

Bato-bato sa langit! Tamaan wag magalit!

sourgraping courtesy of http://www.sallyminker.comBad loser maybe? Sourgraping – yes I think you can call me that! But that’s what I really feel after joining this so called kaka-loka video contest. It is sooooh unfair!  Grabe pagkakaluto! Hindi lang medium rare, Well done talaga! This contest are biased! Who were the judges? Why don’t they even show the score/rating of each entry, or present as to how and why did it win? Paano yun turo-turo na lang?

To be true to you guys,I got so deeply involved with this contest that a lot of my personal time went to this. I said to myself that if my entry wasn’t good enough in the eyes of the judges, I will try naman the popularity tactics (which is one of the contest criteria). Dun naman ako babanat, at least kung mababa man ang rate ng video ko, me pang-bawi naman ako. So I made my blog and video link scattered to some sites and forums. Inviting friends, relatives (at kung sino-sino pa) to view my video, etc…etc.. It actually became part of my daily routine that begins last second week of July.  It was tedious yet fruitful.

After several days my blog post can be seen on all major search engines. Got the top position at Big G Blog Search for about a week! And believe it or not its still in the number one position on MSN (for the contest keyword) as of this writing! The video got the same results too! (a thousand views plus some nice comments). So sabi ko atleast me panglaban na ako.

Im not holding a grudge to any of the entries (halos lahat pinaghirapan at magaganda concept and styles). Pero paanong hindi ka naman mabwi-b****t eh napaka unprofessional the way they conducted the contest. They initially set a deadline. Tapos out of the blue bigla na lang na-amend yung rules? Sana kung before nung said deadline na-annouced na extended. Eh ang kaso tapos na deadline nung maisip nilang i-extend???

After the original deadline we were five contestants! And with that in mind, I feel a bit relaxed knowing that the sponsor has four major prizes at stake, so chances of winning is somehow magnanimous (kahit 4th placer man lang di ba?). Then two days before the announcement of winners, I found out that we were abruptly became seven! What the f**k! How? Why?

They don’t even bother to announce it on their site. Instead, I got this information that one of the contest organizer asked in public “kuno” via some social networking service (what about those who don’t have these?) if they like the contest to be extended. In which apparently a good number of people said “Yes”! What about us contestants? Don’t we have the rights to know also that its being extended?

Okay, so a lot of them said yes! Fair. Let’s extend the contest ekek. Then here comes the most tastiest part of the lutong macao. Its this simple. If a lot of them show signs of eagerness to extend the contest then why there’s only two who submitted??? With emphasis on the last one who submitted because he’s a buzzer beater (with only just a matter of hours after the new deadline) isn’t that quite obvious? Its like the whole extension thing is suited just for him??? If I were the judge, that video is the best for me! Ang galing eh! Kaso nga lang….Delicadeza where are youuuuuu?

Para bang nagpa-contest ka sa jungle ng Cat-Look-Alike Contest, then you let a kitten join! Of course me iba pa bang mananalo? Or have you heard of this sabong story where a man brings a duck inside a sabungan for a cockfight, and amazingly the duck wins! hahaha!

A day before the main event. Mejo malata na pakiramdam ko. I even told some contestants na parang na fo-forecast ko na what will happen next. The bad thing is I still went there because of some agitated supporters telling me na “punta ka bro sayang, baka mali lang yung perception mo”.

You might ask. What if I won? Would I still post this rant? Hmmmmm depende sa prize, lol! Sori sa mga nasagasaan ko with this post. I hope you understand. I just have to let it go or I’ll burst.

Anyway. Life goes on… Thanks for this experience. I actually became much closer to God, (kaka pray manalo hehe)  I actually found a new sets of friends who are all great movie makers. I salute you guys! And to all that helped and supported me throughout this contest. Maraming-maraming salamat po sa inyo! Peace to all!

Encore Encounter

ENHWI-G2 Wireless RouterMy Encore Wireless router encounter yesterday doesn’t seem to call for a repetition (encore! encore!). It started when I saw and bought the unit at a nearby computer shop that fit for a king. I find the price irresistably low for a wireless router.

Then after bringing it home. I followed accurately the manual that goes with it. And within a few minutes I was joyfully browsing the internet flawlessly on my desktop. But wait, I almost forgot. I bought this for my laptop and not my desktop! lol 😀

So my desktop which is connected thru the lan port of the router via UTP cable can browse, chat and everything, so no problem with that. I then focused on this router for almost six hours yesterday (ILP – ihi lang pahinga) trying to configure it to connect to my laptop, but to no avail. The unit won’t cooperate at all. It just gave me migraine! Wahhh!!!

Got up early this morning, a bit refresh (albeit 4 hours of venetian night sleep only) Searched for some help on the net. I found out that I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. I did tried once more to configure the settings based from all the tips I’ve gathered, but still no luck.  By the way my laptop is tried and tested at hotspots on malls and at our office.

I don’t know If I’m missing something on the instruction details but for sure I’m gonna ride the high country in going back to the shop and ask for:

a. Assistance
b. Replacement
c. or better yet a REFUND!

What do you think? Voting is now officially open! lol 😀

New owner of ENHWI-G2 Wireless Router? Check out some tips HERE!

Updates! as of 10:45 am 07/27/08

After explaining my dilemma to the store clerk. She understood the situation and make a phone call to her boss for the final decision. And in just minutes she gave me a refund.  😀

Deadly Calamities

After the deadly cyclone in Myanmar and now the devastating earthquake in China. What’s next? or Who’s next? Be prepared to meet thy creator anytime. Confess all your sins and ask for God’s forgiveness. Let’s hope for the quick rehabilitation of those who survived and pray for those who passed away in the recent calamities.

Thank God we only have man woman made calamities here in the Philippines and that is about the soaring prices of oil and rice. So before whining, think first. We’re still lucky.