Outstanding Evaluation

Got the itch to join the contact center bandwagon. I’m giving myself a hiatus and would try my luck with this high-tech career. I’m not good in my enunciation so I applied for a non-voice position, and that is a Driver Risk Analyst, which I think I’m very much qualified, since they are looking for those who have 1 year experience and I’ve got 13.

I recieved an initial interview call from the company where I submitted my resume and was scheduled to dropby at their office for my second interview and some test. So I went to their office as scheduled. We were 14 applicants that morning. At around 10am I was again interviewed and was told that I would go to a series of exams (including the video exam, analyzing the performance of the driver on the video) and immediately after the interview, I took two written exams (abstract and grammar). When I was finished I was told to have my lunch and then go back at around 1:30pm.

I returned at around 1:10pm and sit at the lobby altogether with my 13 mates that morning and some other walk-in applicants. Then at around 1:45 the person from the Test Room called all my mates for the next series of test. “Hey you forgot about me?” I told myself.

Why I wasn’t called was a mystery to me. But still I waited at the lobby. It’s already past 3:00pm, and my temper is rising (even if the atmosphere is super cold). Somebody from the lobby suggest that I should go to the Test Room and ask if they missed calling my name. Without any ideas I simply complied and go directly to the Test Room, I approached them nicely and asked If my name was already called. After checking their charts, they told me to have a seat and they then gave me another exam. (Ahhh ok. I’m back on track!).

The exam was difficult, and it was the longest exam they gave to me that day. (30 minutes time limit). After this, all I have to do is concentrate on the crucial video exam, which I needed to pass in order to be hired.

30 minutes later and the Test Room guy took my questionaire and answer sheet. I saw him put it on the shelves and not on the table where other questionaire and answer sheets are lying. In about less than 5 minutes, he then positioned himself outside, near the door, and from there he called me.

Got my things and went to him. And to my dismay he said “Im sorry Sir but you have failed to meet the requirements for the position, but you can apply again if you like after six months.” (WTF!!! What kind of evaluation does this HR have?) I was stunned and totally speechless as I walked away.

What happen to the last exam I’ve taken? (they shouldn’t let me take it when they wouldn’t bother checking it) Or does it even count considering it was long and difficult? How about the video exam, the most important exam that supposed to evaluate me for the position? What kind of procedure is this????

I did not post this because I was sour graping or else for that matter. Hence, I was disgruntled on how they’ve done my evaluation. Who knows they may also continue doing it to other/s applicants. Be fair and square guys!

Clue: The company name sounds like a web language.

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