Bidyoko Prodaksyon latest videos as of 11.22.2020

Biglaang trip! Naisip ko lang doblehin yung sarili ko sa video, me onting sablay pero take note 2 take lang yan hahaha!
As the title says, First professional grooming session ni Taira baby ko hehe. Nakalbo kase yun lang daw style nung groomer dun sa pinuntahan naming petshop.
My daily workout para lumakas katawan ko!
This is actually my first attempt in riding a bike again after my stroke!
I cant really believe what I am watching that very moment hahaha! Its a threesome lol!
Answered prayer! Iking was born! This bike was donated by three of my kumpadres! Labyu all!!!
Some old video files I’ve found on my lappy. My famous group the Pinoy Drift TRIKES!
Exercising my affected left arm by trying to paint our wall.
Inspired upon seeing a fellow stroke patient jumping sa Facebook, ayun ginaya ko rin hehe
Testing again my riding skills. This time with a Yamaha NMAX
I really love flying drones and I miss my Cheerson CX20 very badly haha!

Bidyoko Prodaksyon Latest Videos

The Sandbar of Tayabas Bay video

Inside Kwebang Lampas video (what’s happening inside the cave)

Yamaha SZ Commercial using Drone video (Phantom 3 Standard)

Viajista Kwebang Lampas Ride 2016 video (Pagbilao, Quezon)

Viajista rides to Jariels Peak 2016

The Viajista’s ¬†scheduled a quick ride at Jariel’s Peak last Sunday. Roughly around 80 kilometers from Shell Gas Station, Marcos Highway and almost three-quarters of the route are twisties.



Its some kind of a tune-up ride for those old motorcycles that we have and a break-in ride for the new ones! Four brand new rides and 5 old ones are present during this ride. The new ones are the two from Keeway, one is the RKS 150 and the other is the Superlight 200, then one from Yamaha, the new Mio Soul-I and and the last one is the Honda Click. (although the latter was already tested for long ride on our previous North Loop).

The ride was a breeze not until we’re caught in a crossfire at KM48 between armed mob and some Masungi rangers. Nung una akala ko talaga shooting lang ng pelikula, nung nagputukan na pagdaan namin dun namin nalaman na totoo pala ng nataranta na mga tao sa paligid hehe.

We have reached our target at around 10am, sarap ng hangin, ang lamig, para kang nasa Tagaytay o mas malamig pa! At siempre, lots of bikers, its the usual atmosphere during weekend there. One of the highlight of this ride is that I brought along Cheerare (my Cheerson CX20 quadcopter). Para bang 2 birds in one stone. Nakapag-ride na ako, nakapag-palipad pa ako ng drone ko.

The problem was the wind! Sobrang lakas! Just like sir Itchie says, the place wasn’t drone friendly, fly at your own risk or not a place for the weak hearts pilots haha! Kase naman talagang matatakot ka, just like what I’ve experienced. My drone was uncontrollable the first time it was launched, natangay agad sa malayo ng hangin. The gyro just like what’s inside a dynaflex pro was somehow going nuts! It become stable but only for a few seconds, just enough to have some aerial shots for our group. Tapos the landing too was rough, actually its a semi-crash haha! Our second flight attempt was much more intense as the drone flew far from us and into the nearby ravines. I quickly set the mode to RTH or Return To Home, but the drone wasn’t responding at all to the command and instead flew farther haha! I lose hope and passed the remote to my son Kevin to the piloting. Parang nakikinita ko nang maghahanap kami ng drone sa kakahuyan haha! Good thing the gusty wind stops for awhile at dun naka-recover si kevin and my drone. He immediatly commands it to go back to our location at sumunod naman, yun nga lang bumalik ulit yung malakas na hangin but this time our drone is on landing stage na, hindi pa rin ganun kadali mag landing kaya ayun semi-crashed pa rin but at least hindi sya bumagsak sa bangin hehe.

Watch and enjoy our video below